How to Score A* GRADE in IGCSE

International School

Are you worried about enrolling on IGCSE Curriculum? Rumours and myths regarding IGCSE bothering you?

Do not worry! You can crack IGCSE easily with good grades with a little dedication and effort.

But let us first give some valid reasons why you should enrol to IGCSE in an International School.

  • Students have the flexibility of choosing different subjects from different categories based on their interests.
  • International School students can choose from 70 courses; minimum of 5 subjects and a maximum of 14 where English, Mathematics and Science are mandatory subjects.
  • It enriches a student’s knowledge and culture.
  • Student’s are assessed to know their understanding and ability to analyseand evaluate
  • Subjects have a core (basic) and extended curriculum (specialisation) which enable the students to choose what fits them the most.
  • Subjects like Information and Communication Technology prepares students professionally where they learn and develop computer programming skills.
  • IGCSE enhances the student’s logical, creative and critical thinking.
  • Students have the chance of resitting an exam in any session. If a student is not satisfied with the grades they are allowed to request for rechecking and requesting a copy of their answer sheets.
  • Students get grades (where A* is the highest, U is the lowest).
International School

The advantage of the IGCSE certificate

  • IGCSE holds recognition all over the world and achieving a certificate holds more value as it shows the students achievements which are needed to get an entry into a prestigious institute.
  • International School students have a higher chance of good job opportunities.
  • Students are considered to have the ability to study abroad where education is more developed.
  • Students have the skillset to easily adjust anywhere in any situation.

Here are some tips to follow to score an A+ Grade in IGCSE?

Do not Doubt

Listen to yourself and nobody else. If you hold interest in doing IGCSE then go for it. Relax, do your best and leave your worries.

Set Goal

Set a goal before your study session in order to keep track of your progress and to prepare for the examinations. Do your homework consistently, complete your assignments and revisions.

Prepare Timetable

Plan out a timetable and follow it. Make a realistic timetable so that you can achieve it and then on a daily basis try to increase it by a few more topics, hours, etc so that you can test yourself. Do not be disheartened if you fail sometimes.

Attend IGCSE Booster Program

Join some IGCSE booster programs or some seminars which are conducted by industry experts to learn strategies and techniques in order to save time and prepare effectively.

Take help

Take help from your teachers or friends in case of difficulties or any doubts. Clearing your doubts then and there will help you later on. Group study is beneficial as many minds working together can contribute to each other’s learning.

Start early

Do not leave anything for the last minute, start from the beginning, make notes of each topic, and subject and revise daily. It will give you more confidence during your exam preparation. International School believes long term planning, focus and consistency is the key to scoring high.

Prioritise Subjects

Prioritise the subjects you struggle with the most. Make sure to designate sufficient time for all your subjects, especially the weaker subjects. Knowing earlier which subject is easy or hard for you will help you to dedicate the required time to that subject.

Practice Practice and more Practice

Practice past papers so that you know where you lack. IGCSE questions have to be answered in a particular manner and in a stipulated time. So when you practice more you will learn and understand the real issues. Also, you will learn to speed up, prioritise questions and their answers as per their marks.

Dedicate the last few months for the preparation

Your preparation should be finished 1-2 before the final exam as the last few months should be for revision.

International School Bonus tips:-

  • Always consider the marks for each question as it will help you decide how much you should write so that you can save time for other questions.
  • Make sure to have a graph or diagram wherever necessary.
  • Recheck your punctuations, grammar, spellings in order to avoid mistakes.
  • In mathematics, write your calculations clearly.
  • Manage your time properly and have a good work ethic from the beginning.


IGCSE is a more intensive program where students have to understand it deeply. No doubt there are some subjects which require students to spend a lot of time practising and getting acquainted but once it’s understood by students they can remember it for life.

If you are enrolling for IGCSE from International School then with little effort and dedication you can surely achieve good scores.

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