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Every goodbye is the beginning of a new hello. While that makes it comforting in a way, parting ways is no doubt heartache-ridden. There’s hoping that you can stay together forever or even just a little longer.

Saying farewell to your loved ones before you move to a new country is one of the most painful things about moving, but it is inevitable. That’s why for you to make the remaining time matter a hundred times more, say goodbye in ways you will not regret.

Truly, moving into a new house comes with both happiness and sadness, especially when you are moving to live a better life and to achieve more of your dreams. Leaving the dwelling you have grown up in and have been used to all your life will never be easy. What makes it more tear-jerking is knowing that you will also leave behind the people you have known for numerous years and have shared beautiful times with. The attachment you have towards the place and the people will be what makes moving the hardest thing to do.

At the end of the day, you will still need to bid farewell to family and friends you will miss before you take your flight. No matter how busy you may be because of all the moving preparations, make sure to allot your precious time for it. Here are 7 ways to say goodbye to loved ones before you move to a new home abroad. Keep them in mind, and do your best to make them happen!


One of the first things that you will probably do is tell your closest chums and relatives that you are soon leaving the country for good. It’s going to surprise them, especially if you have never really brought it up before as part of your future plans, but letting them know is a must. You cannot simply shock them when you are already leaving the day after tomorrow. It’s going to be difficult for you and for them too.

Sharing the news of your moving to your loved ones is more important than you know. Some dear pals will feel extra gloomy and may even feel forgotten if you don’t inform them yourself and if they learn about it from somebody else. It might make them feel sorry and regretful, too, that they will not be able to spend more time with you even through throwing a simple lunch out before you leave.

To at least alleviate the tearfulness, meet them face to face and tell them that you are moving soon. It displays how you care for them, for your relationship with them and for their feelings too. It also gives you the chance to bond together even for a short time for the last time!


Nothing beats lovely reunions when it comes to saying goodbye to loved ones and wishing the best for them and them wishing the same for you before you move. Host a despedida party, inviting your dearest companions. If you don’t have much time for multiple parties, then go for one for all the squads.

To make your farewell get-together more special, set the venue at home because it’s going to be the last time you will stay there. It’s probably going to be the last time they can visit you there too. Cook homemade food and mix up homespun drinks instead of ordering in. Weave more blissful memories in the house you have loved for all time.


Since you have been living in your country since birth, you will absolutely miss so many favorite places when you leave to be in another part of the globe. Especially if they cannot be found anywhere else in the world and if the memories you have in them are priceless, it’s going to be hard to just go off without dropping by for the last time.

Invite your loved ones to go with you on final trips to your best-loved spots in the country. Enjoy adventures and outings where you can create worth-keeping experiences you can share and recall whenever you miss your former home.

You will never know if those places will still be the same when you visit the country several years from now, so don’t ever miss the chance to come over before your departure.


Of course, you have a lot of items, clothes and gadgets which you want and need to take with you. Your moving boxes will be all over the house, and you don’t have to pretend to be surprised about that. It would be touching to include items of remembrance together with those objects you’re going to safely pack in those moving boxes.

Receive a memento from your friends and family. Extra thoughtful fellas will wrap their keepsakes for you. Carefully seal them into your bags and moving boxes, so they can arrive in the new country safe and sound as well. Give some gifts to your loved ones, something that will make them remember you. Personalized goods are best! Other than that, you can give away useful garments and household stuff which you are not bringing abroad. Instead of throwing them away, let them be serviceable for someone else.

Their sizes, quantities and prices will not even matter. They are invaluable because of the worthwhile stories and people behind them. When you are already living abroad, it would be nice to look back to the good old times through these tokens.


Call your hometown amigos, school colleagues and neighborhood playmates. Go around the city taking loads of photos and videos together for you to keep. Photographs capture moments no one can ever bring back. They are a superior reminder of the past that seems fresh even when thousands of days pass.

Capture on film your favorite house areas, so even when you leave, you will remember how every corner of it looks. Take a snap of your childhood plazas, village playgrounds, go-to convenience stores and kiddie parks where you and your loved ones usually come to relax. Remake old photos!

Years will go by, and you can never be sure if these places and things will still be there once you fly back for a visit in the future. While they are still the way you have always been used to, get the chance to freeze some moments there through your camera.

These pictures are of excellent quality on your digital screen, but the beauty of compiling them in a physical album is unmatched.


Writing a letter to people you will leave behind is a sweet and comforting way to say goodbye for now. This classic way of expressing how you feel is still peerless.

There’s nothing like the warmth of handwritten letters. Stationeries may be old school, but they are gold! If you have kept some of them in your drawers for a long time because you are looking for some special opportunities to make use of them, it’s time to finally take them out! Now, use them for a purpose you will be happy with; write farewell letters before you move. Of course, keeping in touch online even when you will be physically apart from each other is awesome, but these tangible notes are like no other virtual effect!


It’s not everyday that you get to be in a heart-to-heart conversation with people dear to you. Actually, only special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are the usual times you receive heartfelt messages and dedications from each other. Well, before you move, don’t skip spending a final dialogue with your beloved family and friends. It can go on a few hours, but no problem!

Remember all the good times you spent together. Talk about plans and dreams you wish to fulfill together when you all meet again soon. Send best regards to each other. You may still do these things over the phone or through social media, but being next to each other is different. It’s still the best when you can hug the people you love, not virtually but in person.



Everyone knows how moving out of a house and into a new one is an extremely busy time. Your schedules and checklist will seem endless, and you would even need to spare some time for moving-related tasks in between your jobs. The preparation and the process are all tiring. It is definitely time-consuming, so it requires focus, dedication and manpower.

In the middle of all your exhausting and hectic moving duties, do not forget that you must find time to catch up and say goodbye to all your loved ones before you move out. This time, you will not just be in a nearby city or in a far local province but in a different country miles away. You won’t be seeing each other physically as often as you used to or as much as you please, and you won’t be doing the same bonding activities you often do. Things will change a lot as you leave the country for a new home, but people who truly care and matter will be the same even from a great distance.

You will be moving houses but will not be forgetting your first abode that will always be home to you. Make your last days in the country among the most unforgettable memories you will always keep by heartwarmingly bidding farewell to people you will leave behind but will always cherish! Stay in touch even from the other side of the globe.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Hitchens, a top-rate removals, storage and moving company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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