4 Ways to Resolve Your Cell Phone from Hanging

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Smartphones are currently the world’s most in-demand gadget. Day by day smartphone industry is cracking up their brains to improve the functionality of this gadget. Each day there is some new update or feature added to the smartphones. Now, this has set an impetus for tough competition among the various smartphone companies. Each firm wants to better than the other.

But amidst this hustle, the one problem which none of the smartphone brands have been able to solve is the dispute, with the phone hanging suddenly. This issue is a complaint of all smartphone users worldwide. So if you are facing such an issue and are wondering what to do next, then before going to a cell phone repair like Mobile Junction, you can try to fix this problem on your own too.

Although the technology of phones has become very advanced, this issue has still remained unsolved. A major part of this problem also begins with the way the users use their Smartphone. 

A lot of this problem also begins with the faulty RAM of some Smartphone, which demand servicing after a year. Moreover, the problem must have also occurred due to a couple of more issues like Low RAM, Low Storage, Malicious Apps, Overheating, and also keeping obsolete apps in your phone. However, if you are at all facing the problem of your phone hanging out of not where then instead of Googling “phone repair near me, you must first put your hands on fixing the issue on your own. In this article, we are going to discuss some fixes for phone hanging;

Clear The Data Regularly 

Your phone uses multiple data while you use apps or browse anything on the internet. It stores many unwanted, malicious, and miscellaneous files. These files if not deleted frequently; will tend to jam the phone’s memory, which will largely contribute towards phone freezing. This aspect of the unwanted data clogging in your phone’s memory might exert a lot of pressure on the RAM which freezes the phone. So to get your phone rid of phone hanging then, clear the data regularly;

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Click on any app that you use frequently
  • Tap on its Storage.
  • Click on Clear Data

You may apply this process to other apps that you use frequently; so that your phone does not have to deal with excess memory crunch, which later results in phone hanging.

Give Up On Malicious Software

You may not notice at times but the applications that you download from a random link instead of your phone’s legitimate app store may contain a lot of viruses. These malicious viruses can slow down your phone to a large extent. They mess up with other files on your phone and might disrupt them as well. They degrade your phone’s performance and, you may need to replace it too. In such a situation instead, of referring to a cell phone repair shop, all you need to do is get rid of them. Uninstall those files and apps completely that are malware in nature and may affect your phone’s functionality.

Download Antiviruses

Sometimes, uninstalling those apps cannot make up a lot for getting rid of the malicious viruses. They can be very consistent and may not choose to go away. For this, you can download an Antivirus on your phone. Go to the app store on your phone; type in ‘Antivirus’ in the search bar. Look for the Anti-virus which will suit your phone the best. Download it and scan all your files and apps in that antivirus. It will surely get your phone rid of the long persistent viruses, and eventually, your phone will stop freezing.

Opt for Reset Factory Settings

If all the above solutions do not work, then you can choose to factory reset your phone. It means that your phone will lose out whatever memory it had, including the prevailing viruses, and will start functioning newly. Hence, before resetting your phone keep a backup of all the essential files and data.

All the solutions given above are subjected to solve your phone’s hanging but, if nothing works out then, you can refer to Mobile Junction. It is a phone repair in London that will surely resolve your entire phone’s problem. They also have their website, so you can contact them through it.

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