How to Reduce Time Spent on Home Maintenance This Year

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One of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner is maintenance. While this includes fixing things that go wrong, it also includes preventing things from going wrong in the first place. Owning your own home is a great joy, but the responsibility of maintaining your home falls entirely on you. Here are some tips on home maintenance.

Have a Home Maintenance Fund.

Having a maintenance fund will save you time in home maintenance because you do not have to concern yourself with how you are going to fund the project. Money is a major factor that slows up maintenance because if you do not have the money, you cannot do the work. On the other hand, if you already have the funds, you can use the money at once. Having the money on hand is a straightforward way to ensure that you do not have to put off important maintenance to your home.

Do Maintenance as You Can Yourself.

Being able to do home maintenance yourself, actually reduces the time you spend on home maintenance. This is because you do not have to deal with a contractor and related aspects of getting work done on your home. When you do work on your home yourself you can get the work done as soon as you can get the parts and do the work. No one will ever work on your home as efficiently as you will. As a result, if you can do the work yourself, you will save time and money over a contractor.

Perform Preventative Maintenance.

Performing preventive maintenance on a home will save time in dealing with a problem when it has occurred. For example, installing a gutter brush guard in your gutters will save you the time it takes to clean leaves out of them. Preventive maintenance includes regular checkups of your HVAC system and your appliances. If they have a regular maintenance schedule, it is often less expensive to have maintenance done during that schedule than fixing a problem when it goes bad. It can also include less obvious things such as painting the exterior to help protect any wood from damage.

Know the Limits of What You Can Do.

Knowing your personal limits with regards to the maintenance you can do on your home, will save you time on home maintenance. The reason for this is that if you overstep your ability, you may actually cause more harm than good. Doing maintenance yourself is great if you know what you are doing, but if you try something beyond your limits you could cause a problem that will require more maintenance. The good do-it-yourselfer will know when to do the work himself and when to call a professional.

Find a Contractor that You Can Trust.

Having a regular contractor that you know you can trust saves on maintenance time. If you do not have a regular contractor for home maintenance, you will spend time trying to find one when you need the work. If you have a relationship with a contractor, they are likely to be more responsive when you need them. The contractor will be familiar with the history of your home maintenance making it easier for them to find and fix any problems. They will also have their records of past work to guide them.

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Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule.

Even for things in your home that do not have regularly scheduled maintenance, it is helpful to have a regular maintenance schedule. Having a regular maintenance schedule will help you make sure that you get the needed maintenance done in an orderly and affordable fashion. Having a regular schedule for your maintenance saves you time by being able to have any contractor scheduled in advance. It also allows you to schedule the work when it is convenient for you. Finally having a plan always saves you time over not having one.


There are many ways to reduce the amount of time that you spend on maintenance around your home. The best approach is to find and fix issues before they become real problems. Doing what maintenance you can yourself will save you time but know your limits, so you do not cause problems. The key to proper maintenance is making sure that small nuisances do not become big problems.