How to reduce stress and stay healthy during relocation

How to reduce stress and stay healthy during relocation

Is your relocation approaching? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are probably stressed out and all over the place. Relocation is hard, both physically and emotionally. You have to plan for it for months, deal with all the physical work, say goodbye to everybody, handle the paperwork and all sorts of other moving-related things. So yes, it is hard staying healthy and stress-free during this process. But, you should never let your health suffer! Luckily, we are here to share some tips and tricks on how to make this relocation a stress-free one and the one not affecting your health.

Start With Preparations Ahead of Time

First things first, if you want to stay sane during this process, you must start preparing for it ahead of time. A month or two before the actual moving date would be perfect. So, gather your entire family and start by having a family meeting! Make a plan together, and try to split the chores. Do not skip this step, as moving the entire family requires planning, and a lot of it. Then, after that step is done, decide whether you will hire a moving agency, or do everything by yourself. Yes, the first one will also require organizing your budget as well, but it will be a lot less stressful, as well as less time and energy-consuming. However, if your budget does not allow it, do not worry, having a stress-free DIY kind of relocation is also possible as long as you organize yourself well and start with preparations on time.

Hire a Moving Agency

If you want to have no worries and no struggles during the process of relocation, the only thing you can do is to hire a moving agency, like This is especially true if you are moving for the first time, either alone, or with your entire family. Professional movers are trained and experienced people who have done this a million times before. They will bring their own packing materials, prepare and pack all your belongings for the transportation, load and unload everything into their moving trucks, and of course, deal with all the heavy lifting. Your only job is going to be deciding what is worth relocating, and what can be left behind. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a proper moving agency on time, and you will save both your nerves and your health.

Pack in Stages and Get Help

However, if you are not able to afford a moving agency and all their services, it is not the end of the world. Do not worry, there is a solution for that too. It starts, you guessed it, with planning ahead of time. Again, make a plan and split the chores! It would also be a good idea to pack in stages. Do not leave everything to the last minute and get overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done. One thing is for sure – relocation takes time. Thus, start weeks prior to the moving day, and pack one room at a time. Start with the rooms and things you do not use that often. For instance, pack your attic, basement, and garage first. Leave the kitchen and the bathroom for the last day. Moreover, if you plan on relocating your bigger furniture pieces, by all means, get help. You will not be able to lift everything by yourself! If you try to, you might injure some body parts and end up in the hospital instead of your new home.

Eat Well

Besides hiring help and planning ahead of time, you must also take care of yourself if you want to have a stress-free relocation. And we all know that you can not be healthy if you do not eat well. Everything starts with food! Thus, do not forget to eat healthy while packing and preparing for this relocation. This means, of course, leaving the kitchen packing for the last minute. Yes, we know that it is hard to cook and go grocery shopping while moving. It seems soo much easier just to order pizza or eat out, and that’s okay from time to time. But, after some time, you will run out of energy and your health will suffer. So, keep things as usual as much as possible. Cook homemade food, eat a lot of greens, avoid fast food, and this move will not cause you any trouble.

Get Enough of Sleep and Exercise

Besides eating well, if you want to pay attention to your health and avoid stress while moving, you must also get enough sleep and exercise. And no, lifting boxes does not count as exercise! So, if you used to exercise a lot even before the move, this will not be hard for you. But if you haven’t, well, you will maybe struggle a bit. Starting to exercise is always hard at first, but after a few days, you will adjust to it. And, if you think that now is not the right time to start with this change, you are wrong. Exercise will be of key importance to your health, especially if you are moving by yourself. If you do not stretch well before all the heavy lifting, you might injure yourself. So, be smart, and take care of your body! You must save yourself from the moving injuries. Moreover, even if you are very busy, do not sacrifice your sleep. You need to be well-rested if you want this move to go smoothly and for you to stay healthy.

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