How To Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Drive

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We store a lot of data in our hard drives and 90% of the time we don’t take backup of our data. But sometimes it happens that we delete some data but after some time we need that data. Or sometimes we delete our data accidentally also. So, don’t worry because there are many ways from which you can recover data from corrupted hard drive. 

Hard drive is a main device in a computer which stores a large amount of data. Most of the users save their important data in the hard drives like videos, photos, audios, documents and many more but there are chances that virus attack a respective hard drive and the hard drive gets corrupted. So, no need to worry there are many ways to recover files from corrupted hard disk. 

User Query 

“Last month I kept some important data in a folder but somehow it got corrupted, and now I can’t access that data. I don’t have much technical knowledge. So, If is there an easy way to recover that corrupted data from hard disk. Then please let me know. I will be grateful to you.”

There are many people who have some issues like this or related to this. So, to help them we have written a blog. So that they can overcome those problems.

Recover Files From Corrupted External Hard Drive, Manually

Step 1- Connect the corrupted hard drive to a PC having any window version.

Step 2- Scan the system or the drive through a reliable anti-virus or malware tool. Because there are chances that due to virus and malware your hard drive gets corrupted.

Step 3- By doing this, there are chances that you can get your data. But if not, then you need to use a software to recover data from corrupted hard drive.

NOTE:- By using manual method there are chances that you can restore folder from corrupted hard drive. But they do not provide surety to recover your data safely. So, I recommend you to recover your data through a software if your data is very important.

Use Professional Software to Recover Files From Corrupted External Hard Drive

You can use SysTools Hard Drive Corrupted Data Recovery Software because this software provides you a surety that it will recover files from corrupted hard disk safely. And the best part is that this software supports to recover the data from laptop also and supports all window versions. 

Best Way To Recover Files From Corrupted Hard Drive

Step 1- Download & Install:-

The first step is to download and install the software to recover data from corrupted hard drive.

When the download get completes, go to start and click on “all programs”, and then open “SysTools hard drive data recovery”.


Step 2- Scanning Options:-

This software provides you 2 type of scanning options:- 

  • Scan-If you want to recover deleted and corrupted files then you should select “scan” option. 
  • Formatted Scan- If you want to restore the formatted data then you have to select “formatted scan” option.

Step 3- Progress Report:-

When you select the scanning option, after that the software will show you the progress report by showing percentage and you have to wait till it gets 100%.

Step 4:- Recovered Data:-

When scanning is done you will see the report. The software will show all the data in the left panel. Now, you need to select the data which you want to recover. When you will select the data this software will show the data on the right panel and for user convenience, it will show the permanently deleted data with red color. 

Step 5- Save Data:-

Now, the last step is to save the data. You need to select a destination in your PC where you want to save all the data. 

Why This Software is preferred more than any other software?

There are many reasons that SysTools software is preferred more than any other software:- 

  • Complete Recovery– This software provides you with a facility to recover all your data. You can recover photos, videos, documents and many more things. You can recover complete data.
  • Support FAT and NTFS Recovery– It recovers data from different file formats. It easily recovers data from FAT and NTFS file formats.
  • Recover Permanently Deleted Data– When you delete data by using “shift + delete” key it means you have deleted data permanently. But you can recover data from corrupted hard drive easily by using SysTools software.
  • Save Recovered Data– You can choose a destination for your recovered data all by yourself. This software provides you a facility to select a destination of your choice where you want to store your recovered data.
  • Hard Drive Recovery- You can recover data from internal as well as external hard drive by using this professional software.
  • User Convenience– For user convenience this software show all the permanently deleted data with red color. So that, it gets easy for the user to differentiate.
  • Compatible– This software is compatible with all the window versions.


In this post, I have discussed to recover data from corrupted hard drive by using a manual method or by using SysTools software. By using manual method you can recover data but you don’t have any surety about this. If some problem occurs during manual method then there are chances that your data gets deleted from the hard drive. So, I recommend that you should choose to recover data from corrupted hard drive by using a software as it is safe and also gives a demo version to try.

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