How To Protect Your Computer From Unknown Servers

Data protection is the primary concern for most organizations. There are several practices you can adopt to protect your data from unauthorized access. It’s also essential to protect your home’s privacy when you have various Internet of Things (IOT) products. You have to find ways to stay safe from scam artists, cyberattackers, and all the new emerging issues. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your computer from unknown servers.

Keep Your Firewall On

If you have heard about the concept of a firewall, then you understand its significance. It’s a protective layer or wall between you and the internet. macOS and windows have built-in firewalls; ensure you enable the firewall before you go online. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from companies that sell hardware firewalls. You should also get a router with a built-in firewall to ensure your network is protected. This monitors your network traffic at all times. Data going out and coming in creates an opportunity for threats. It also protects from virus attacks from the thousands of threats that are developing every single day.

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The promotion of privacy and security should be the first step in keeping unknown servers away. When you have a network firewall and the traditional firewall on at all times, you will limit access from anonymous users. Remember to backup your information. It will be helpful in case the hackers succeed in corrupting your system.

Pay Attention To File Sharing

When using Local Area Network, you must be extra careful with who you share files with. With such networks, the file-sharing feature is open to very many users. Disable the file-sharing feature on your side if you want to protect your data. If disabling the feature is not an option, ensure you only share files with systems and users that you know. The file-sharing feature on a network with unlimited users makes you an easy target for invaders and hackers. Ignore emails from unknown users or attachments of untrusted sources. The oldest way of sending viruses and malware is using email attachments. That is why it’s better not to open such attachments until you are sure where they are coming from. If your email accounts act as a hub for many services, a single compromise can cripple all the services. You should also use strong passwords to limit unauthorized access. It’s essential to keep changing the password as often as possible. You should also set a password for your router to keep people from invading the network and messing with your settings.

Install All Security Patches

Don’t ignore the Microsoft updates when they pop up, even if you are busy working. The security patches address possible vulnerabilities in software, drivers, and operating systems that hackers and attackers can use to access your computer and data. Ignoring security patches will make you very vulnerable to hackers and virus attacks. You must keep everything updated by installing security patches, especially when keeping sensitive data on your devices. They summarize all the reasons why you should run windows updates. Occasionally these security patches will add new features. Some patches contain critical non-security-related updates your system needs to function smoothly. You will need to install software updates in the long run, but you can keep using the security patches.

Find A Reliable Web Hosting

A secure VPS hosting can benefit your website security. A hacker blocking hosting can detect and block addresses reported for spam, hacking, and other suspicious attacks without blocking any real traffic. Ecommerce website is usually very vulnerable, especially when they make a lot of transactions online. They will benefit the most from secure web hosting services. A great hosting company will also have virus and malware scanning in its server infrastructure. Some hosting companies handle security better than others. Ensure you compare all the available companies before entrusting your site with any of them. Success in keeping unknown servers away will require efforts from you and the hosting company. However, a devoted and proactive web hosting company will deliver a reasonable level of security.


Nothing is more important than keeping intruders away from your computers. Hackers and other attackers can steal sensitive data or shut down your system for an unknown time. If It’s a business setup, the downtime will cost you a lot of money. To avoid such threats, use these four tips. Use all the available security features to your advantage. When you find secure web hosting services, you can use them to keep your website safe.

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