How to Protect your Computer against any Software bug

Software bug

Your computer is one of the most powerful devices today. You can perform various tasks on your computer. But your one mistake on the computer can also lead to a huge loss. Indeed there are numerous merits of computers but malware and hacking are no less. If someone hacked your device; then you can easily perform all the tasks under your name which not only harm your data, funds as well as your identity. If you want to keep your computer and data safe then you must adopt some measures against software bugs.

Update your Operating system and application

The operating system is the heart of your device. You must take care of your Operating system properly. Cybercriminals design dangerous software bugs to breach your Operating System. The developers’ team of your Operating system also regularly create updates to fix the patches on your operating system. So, whenever you see any new update; you should install it immediately. Once you click on the update popup; you will be redirected to the Windows updating page and your Operating System will start updating automatically. You can also go to the Settings page and check the status of your Operating System. If you see a new update then download the update and keep your OS fully protected from the latest malware. You should also check your programs. Updating all the installing programs regularly is also necessary.

Install Security software

If you want to get good protection from software bugs then you should install a reliable antivirus on the PC. Malwarebytes offers various device and data security tools which keep data secure from all unauthorized access. Install antivirus which is offering you safety from almost every malware like viruses, spyware, bots, Trojan Horses, and other threats. Check the AT-Test ratings of antivirus and then choose antivirus for your computer. Malwarebytes won t open one of the issues can face by user.

Get a Firewall

If you use the internet then the firewall is the most crucial security tool for your device. Most of the systems have an inbuilt firewall for keeping threats away but now threats are getting more and more dangerous. If you don’t want to take risks then install a good firewall on your device. A firewall is available as a single tool that you can easily purchase from the online store. Many antivirus programs are providing your firewall along with other security tools.

Shop from secure websites

Shopping sites can be really dangerous not only for malware but also for phishing activities. When you search for any item on the internet; you see various shopping sites selling the same item at different prices. Many of those sides can be fake or malicious. When you enter your credit card details; the site may have keyloggers that can steal your credit card details. Sometimes people pay for the item online but they don’t get the item. So, you should always purchase from known or popular sites. If you are purchasing an item from an unknown website then you should opt for cash on delivery.

Get backup of your important data

You save data on your device so you can easily use or view it later. Using security software and tools reduces the threats but there is no permanent solution. So, if you don’t want to face data loss or data corruption issues then you should get a data backup. You can use the cloud for the backup as it prevents data corruption and you can easily access your data anytime on any device with the internet. If you have less amount of data then you can save the data on the cloud for free. If you have more data then you can purchase the space on the cloud. The only threat to cloud data is ransomware. Ransomware encrypts the cloud data and asks ransom from the user to decrypt the data back. Another good method for data backup is storing the data on flash drives or external hard disks. Store all the crucial data on a disk so you can easily use that data if your device crashes or the data get corrupted.

Use strong password

The password is used to keep the account secured from all the unauthorized access. But if the password is weak then anyone can hack your account. So always create unique, lengthy, and meaningless passwords so no one can hack your account. Make sure that you are using a unique password for every account.

Always follow your senses. If you are feeling that the site you are accessing is suspicious then you should not access it. You should always use a safe web browser and avoid autofill passwords. You should monitor your device activity regularly to ensure that your device is free from all malware and your data is protected from all the hackers and other cybercriminals.

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