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For some people, a car is their one true love. And after buying their dream car, they just become clueless about how to take care of it. How to prolong the life of your car? Well to clarify more about this ultimate confusion you must continue reading. We are going to provide solid few tips to take care of it so that you don’t lose your one-time investment for any stupid reason. Go to auto repair and service near you and get to know about the problems. There are a lot of easy ways to ensure the long life of your vehicle.  Now get to know the ways:

  1. Wash regularly: Wash your vehicle as regularly as possible, otherwise, dust and pollution can rust up your new vehicle. So, regularly go for servicing and get your car a nice wash and spa. It will make sure that you are aware of every little problem that occurs. Also, your automobile remains new even after a long time.

  2. Always check the fluid level: Every manufacturer always advises that you must have a close observation on engine oil, coolant, brake fluid. These must be on a required level. Change your coolant and brake fluid every year. Otherwise, it might be harmful to your vehicle’s mechanism.

  3. Drive carefully: Always drive carefully. Observe the speed limit always. Avoid potholes and go slow upon breakers. Carefully park, don’t hit any curb. It will harm the tire.

  4. Lighten up your keychain: Don’t put a lot of keys inside your keychain. It harms your car while on ignition. It leads to an uncertain ignition switch failure.

  5. Insurance is a must: No matter how careful you are, sometimes it is just your fate. But with proper insurance, it can be repaired in the best possible ways. So insurance of the car is a must.

  6. Take extreme care before leaving for a vacation: If you are going on a vacation, please fill your car’s tank and add a fuel stabilizer. If you are storing the car for more than thirty days, get it washed and waxed before leaving. Keep it in an ideal place and cover it properly.

  7. Change your air filter regularly: Change your air filter regularly, if you don’t then over time, dust will build upon the filter and it will affect the engine performance and mileage.

  8. Know your Vehicle: You must know your vehicle. How it sounds, how it behaves. If it’s not picking up speed as it always does, or if it’s shuddering in a strange way then it’s very clear that something is wrong with it. Well, just know that this is high time you visit a servicing center immediately. Don’t just think that it is a very minor problem. Even a minor problem can hurt major parts of your vehicle.

  9. Consider an extended warranty: Always consider having an extended warranty. Your vehicle eventually will break down, no matter how overpowered it is. But with a proper extended warranty, you can protect your one-time possession. An extended warranty covers your expenses if your vehicle broke down suddenly.

  10. Always park under shade: Always park under shade. Sun is an underrated enemy of your vehicle. Harsh sunlight can harm your four-wheelers like nothing else.

  11. Keep the interiors clean: Keep your car’s interior clean. If you are a dog owner, then you must take care of this thing very much. Because you might not want to drive it if you don’t clean it regularly.

Conclusion: KP Automotives is a Maruti authorized service center and we are well-equipped with the finest professionals. We offer service for every little part of your vehicle. We are always here even for your every small trouble. Find us on, for any queries you can email us at [email protected]. So if you really want to prolong the life of your Maruti you better find a Maruti servicing centre near you and get your car serviced.

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