Yes, that’s possible to learn and prepare for The IELTS and PTE at home and get a good score on it.

If we want to plan study abroad its necessary to get exam for PTE. It’s   one of the most trusted English proficiency tests throughout the world.

The submission of the PTE score report is a top priority and you must prepare for the PTE exam properly.

Due to the covid -19 ‘s pandemic situation, most of PTE Coaching classes and education center are closed and they have organized an online class.


If you also want to plan for study abroad and plan to study PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) at home, this article for you.

Know your desired score

Yami immigration and Education is supporting their students and their reader to achieve their desire score. But first you have to decide your score what you want. Try to figure out your desire score, first decide what you are looking for 80+ for your PR or Achive70+ for your academic journey to your dreams come true.

Yami immigration and Educationare one of the Best classes for IELTS and PTE. We always courage our students and readers to get more, just remember one thing that “1 year= 365 opportunities.” And get a deep breath and let’s start our journey to get our desire Score.

How many hours do you study every day?

If you really need to pass with a high score in PTE, you have studied 2 to 3 hours each day from 4 to 5 days in a week. Self-learning is also worked. You have to start early in the morning for preparation.  Rise early! Shine early. And get your score to achieve more. 

What do I need to study other than PTE practice questions?

We Yami immigration and education suggest you study daily on various subjects and improve your skill day by day.

Every day, spend 30 to 45 min on education texts like science in daily,

Conversation, news, and current affairs.

Also study for live class-summery, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and focus on grammar analysis.

Reading is also very important so you can read PTE(Pearson Test of English)  study material every day and improve your vocabulary.

Keep balancing

Normally, when we study for PTE, sometime we lost our passion and also some time faces many difficulties in intensive study or training. In this condition, we lost our passion to achieve a goal, we don’t burn out and always be motivated here, Yami immigration and Education share some tips to keep balance during prepared for your PTE.

Tips to keep balance in PTE.

Sometime some students are panicking and they depressed with their PTE study, at that time we must have to take care of our body.

When we are researching or we study, our mind and bodies need extra energy to keep it charged, so use fluids, vitamins and nutrients.

Drink much water and eat a nutritious diet, fresh foods in your daily life.  

Many times, we forgot to drink or to eat at that time you arranged some alarm or timer.

Get an expert Coach Advise

PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) is not so much harder, but preparation is must. Nowadays, online classes and coaching is one of the best advantages for students to study at home.

If you want proper guidance or coach in your home, then you can choose online classes or any PTE coaching packages who can provide you imported materials and direct consultation with the coach.

Online PTE coaching is one of the best options to achieve your desire score at home study. It gives you perfect guidance’s, including study material and qualified faculty.

The web is your new friend.

Nowadays, in that pandemic Situation most of institute and coaching classes are closed, that’s the time to go for online. When the all-offline mediums are closed, you have to connect with the web world.

Yami immigration and Education suggest you to collect material online related to PTE Exam according to each subject. YouTube is one of the widest resources for preparation.

Test Day Advice

  • Make the most of your free time by honing your skills.
  • Make sure you have the proper identification and paperwork to bring to the test center, as mentioned here.
  • Allow plenty of time to get to the testing center.
  • Carefully read all of the test instructions.
  • When writing, use proper punctuation such as full stops, capital letters, commas, and so on.
  • Please respond to the issue. If the question asks you to write or talk about sport, focus on the ‘sport’ rather than ‘science.’
  • Keep the word count for writing assignments to a minimum.
  • During speaking tasks, react quickly and keep speaking. After 3 seconds of silence, the microphone will close and the recording will end.

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