4 Tips for Planning a Safe Socially Distanced Party

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we have all been having to stay socially distant to help mitigate the spread of the virus. However, many people want to get together and have a party. It has been over a year since we have been able to gather well with our family and friends. One way to have a party is to do one that is socially distanced. It can be easy to stay at least six feet apart if you plan your party well. People can still enjoy each other’s company without having to potentially expose each other to the virus. To do this, it will take some planning, but with some time and effort, you will be able to create a great socially distanced party.

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To keep the party as socially distant as possible while having a great time, follow the tips below.

1. Keep It Outdoors

So far, research has indicated that if we are outside and socially distant, the virus is not likely to spread. This is great for those who want to have a party. Just simply plan your part for the outside. You can do your party in the front yard, the backyard, or even right in your driveway. There are many things that you can do while social distancing outside.

You can get various games and sports that you can do while still staying six feet apart. For example, throwing horseshoes is a great pastime at parties, and if you have children, they will love learning to play this new game if they have not played it before.

2. Stick to A Schedule

Since hanging out in large groups is not possible right now, it is important that you plan out a schedule so all that the families invited to your party can participate in the activities that you are having. For example, let’s say you got a bouncy house for the children to play in. You can schedule a playtime for each member of the family while sanitizing in between. You can also have a schedule for the food as well. For example, you can feed the children first while they are socially distancing and then the adults. Or you could do it in groups of family members.

3. Make Everything Single Serve

In many cases, when you have a party, people will bring various dishes, and everyone will use the same serving spoons. This is not a good idea right now. For your party, it is a better idea to purchase single-serve foods that can be prepared before the party. Another good idea is to find individually wrapped foods. For example, you can find individually wrapped foods, popcorn bowls, candy, and more. A good idea for serving drinks is to get bottled or canned. If you are going to be serving alcohol, single-serve wine bottles and cans should be used to mitigate the spread of the virus. You should also use disposable utensils and napkins.

4. Add A Sanitation and Mask Station

To ensure that no one is spreading germs around, add a sanitation station. This station should include wet wipes and antibacterial soap. It would not hurt to also have a can of Lysol to spray on surfaces like your tables and any furniture that you have rented. If you are looking for a quality party rental company make sure to search in your area. For example, you might look for Brooklyn party rentals in you live in New York. Regularly sanitizing tables and furniture can help to minimize the spread of this virus.

In addition to cleaning and having a sanitation station, it would be a good idea if you have masks out for people to grab. You can purchase disposable masks that can be worn and later thrown away. Ensure that you have a trash can out for everyone to throw their masks away when they are done. If you have children present, you can get animal masks or character masks to make them happier about wearing the mask.

We all want to get out and do the things we once did. Having a socially distanced party is a great way to reconnect with friends and family that we have not seen much of since this pandemic began. Some people may be hesitant to gather with their friends and family, but as long as you follow social distancing rules and follow the tips above, you and your family and friends should be safe while having a wonderful time.

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