How to place a group FaceTime call on iOS 12

So wonderful it feels that the long-awaited Group FaceTime call feature for Apple devices is finally here. This feature had been in realms of the dreams for Apple fans, and it has finally hit the streets of the iOS 12.1 device users after a long delay by Apple. 

Nevertheless, older versions of iOS can as well upgrade to iOS 12.1 in order to utilize the Group FaceTime call feature; meanwhile, older versions beyond iPhone 6S can join Group FaceTime Calls but are limited to only the audio aspect of the call and devoid of the video experience.

The iOS FaceTime Group calling feature permits you to make a call with many users up to 32 in an audio mode or video mode. Quickly discover how to make it possible and have the best experience. However, before we dive into that, it is import to have a fair idea about the genesis of the FaceTime feature.

The introduction of the FaceTime happened jointly with the introduction of the front camera on the iPhone 4, and since then nothing significant changed about the feature beside the addition of FaceTime Audio calls only. IOS 12 rewrote the FaceTime into Group FaceTime with an absolute new user interface which has the capability to support multiple users in calling. However, after promoting the feature in iOS 12, Apple extracted the feature from the betas, and it was available in the shipping version of iOS 12, according to the company’s Keynote during the WWDC 2018. But in the current supplemental update – iOS 12.1, the feature has been restored. Therefore, be sure that you need to upgrade your devices to iOS 12.1 to be able to make and receive FaceTime Group calls.

Now, let’s see how you make that at ease:

There are dual ways to go about placing a group call: from the Message app in a group thread or from the FaceTime app straight away.

From the Message APP

  • Get the group thread in messages opened. Note: all users must be iMessage users with their FaceTime activated.
  • From the top bar, tap the names of the people in the thread.
  • Click on either FaceTime Audio or Video button to initiate a Group FaceTime Call.

Using the FaceTime App

From the FaceTime App, the following steps need to be followed in order to place a Facetime call:

  • Launch the FaceTime app.
  • Click on the “+” button to begin a new call.
  • Select names from your contact or enter phone numbers or email addresses you wish to call.
  • Once a name is entered, double buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click either video or audio to initiate a group call.

Joining a FaceTime call in progress

  • One can join a Group call already in progress by doing the following.
  • Click the notification from your locked screen or notification Centre
  • Click the join button within the message group
  • Lunch the FaceTime app and click the call to join the call

Adding additional user to FaceTime call

  • Select the “+” Button from the in-progress call screen
  • Insert a contact’s name, phone number or FaceTime email address.
  • Click Add Person to FaceTime Button.

It is good to also know that the Group FaceTime feature on iOS 12 is not limited to calls only but has other interesting capabilities of playing games such as: 

  1. Conversation cubes 
  2. Play charades
  3. Two Truth and One Lie 
  4. Bedtime interesting stories. Games for lovers
  5. Have a Truth or Dare Game
  6. Blind Drawing Challenge
  7. Have an origami competition

Just to mention a few.

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