How to picture-perfect your canvas?

Canvas Photo Prints

Every territory is embarked with its own unique presence that gives every individual a reason to praise something that touched their hearts deeply. And that’s when a picture placed in the middle or corner of the wall tops the list. It will always reconnect you to a memory that is not meant to be faded in a while. To give a perfect, edgy and smooth finishing to the picture, Canvas Photo Prints are always first-rate choices. It always showcases your photography skills in a whole different way. A  traditional portrait, still life or pretty landscape, painted with oils or acrylics can be beautifully showcased with simple, high-quality materials. A linen liner attached to a carved profile (think gold or silver leaf, acid-washed bronze, or hand-rubbed beeswax) is a timeless, easily achievable look.

Alongside, It never fails to give a very unique texture to the walls. Custom Factory gives you a wide range of varieties to choose from, starting from Single Canvas Prints, Canvas Collages, Canvas Split Images, Canvas wall Displays, Large Canvas Prints to Floating Frame Canvas, according to the buyer’s preference and choices. Canvas Photo Prints gives an ecstatic look to the picture and also where it has been placed. The aroma of the room usually makes a distinction only by the beautifully framed portrait picture placed in the center or in a corner of a room. The portrait picture knotted on right above the corner table will unquestionably creates a still life for the viewer.

Basic rules you must follow to save your canvas for a longer time!

Canvas prints will probably only be completely protected if they’re stored away from the dark. Sadly, this would defeat the goal of having the ability to observe the prints and love them in their environment. These ideas will let you fully appreciate the picture prints exhibited while ensuring their durability. Light which shines through the windows in addition to artificial ceiling lamp or light lighting is the greatest enemy of this canvas printing. For the best results, it’s far better to prevent putting the canvas printing in direct sun and retaining as much light from the art as you can. Soft light is perfect whenever artificial lighting needs to be utilized, like in offices and resorts. Although, Some canvas need to be stored in sunlight to remove the moisture or to quickly dry the ink.

High humidity in an area may lead to mold and mildew in areas on the canvas printing. Mold and mildew may totally destroy decent art, so humidity has to be kept quite low within the region where the canvas prints are all put.

Moisture from the atmosphere builds up when there is insufficient air circulating around, so if the space your canvas is exhibited in gets too much humidity, then you will want to confirm the venting and make possible modifications to lessen the humidity levels.

Liquid or water put on the surface may lead to ink to run or corrode, so make sure you keep your canvas in a place that’s dry. Steer clear of a fabric that’s rough, thick, or wet to wash the dust away and on no account ought to polish or substances be employed to eliminate the dust. All dust needs to ought to be removed as often as possible.

7 artistic canvas you should never miss!

“Capturing a moment is just a picture, without a frame, which will eventually fade after time”, Every person has their different criteria to capture the moments they cherish. But to store them in a unique way is the top-notch work. The high-quality image materials enhance the beauty of the frame when composited with correct subject matter. Here are some beautiful ideas to capture and frame!!

Pretty Landscapes-

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you can never miss out on such kind of frames in your living room. It will always take you back to the precious time you spent with nature. Sometimes, also give you the motivation to explore more. Landscapes framed with mesmerizing sunsets on a canvas give you more ability to think and explore more.

Family Portraits-

Every Home is incomplete without a Family portrait hanging in the middle of the hall trying to give an acknowledgment of the unity and strength behind that picture. Getting stuck to your roots and following them till life is the most important part of the human’s life. A family portrait depicts the same. Large image canvas are the best to frame out our ancestry.

Wedding Photoshoots-

Wedding is the most adventurous part of a person’s life, happen once, cherished for the whole life. Different memories have been added from the rituals and customs of a marriage, which always gives an idyllic feel. Apart from this, it really helps the couple to keep their relationship lively.

Still Life Pictures-

Still life pictures are still the best way to capture the small inanimate things to make an embarking presence in a peaceful way. These types of pictures framed in a canvas are best to gain attention. Some of the best examples are Lightning, Landscape photography, etc.


Sketching is not just a talent, but skill too. It’s not something which you can learn in a day, it requires days and days of shots. Perfection comes from Imperfection, rightly said by Vladimir Horowitz, Why not to showcase it in canvas frames to show around.

Float Frames-

Floater frames usually provide a three-dimensional feel by giving the viewer an idea of the frame is floating. Such kind of pictures is always printed on canvas. These types of frames provide extra space around your canvas which adds additional protection to your art. Most advantage of this approach is that it exposes 100% of the artwork to the buyer when framed on canvas. The float also provides a sophisticated and graceful separation between frame and surroundings, which is why it seems this style in contemporary settings.

Traditional Portraits-

A tradition of a place represents their culture which is unique in their own way. Traditional portraits are so common these days because of the upbringing of basic knowledge of values and ethics in the youthful mind.

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