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If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, passing the CNA exam is compulsory for you. It is a tool through which a hospital measures your nursing skills. To become a certified nursing assistant, you come across two options. Either you have to enroll yourself in a traditional institution where you are supposed to attend daily classes or if you are short of time, you can also enroll yourself in an online CNA course and then appear in the exam after completing the training online. Whatever classes you choose to take; you have to appear in the licensing exam to get the certification and become a certified assistant.

If you are already taking CNA classes, you would surely have a good idea of what an exam is all about. For those, who are still making up their mind to become a nursing assistant, taking a training session, and then appearing in the exam, we have compiled this guide so that you can have all the information in one place.

What Is A CNA Certification Test?

Well, it is an exam that is usually taken at the end of your CNA training course just to have a good idea about your nursing skills. As told above, it is a tool through which they measure your skills. If a candidate is unable to pass this exam at the end of the course, he or she won’t be able to secure employment. Through this test, they not only assess your skills and knowledge but also your confidence just to ensure how efficient you are in handling a difficult nursing task independently.

Components Of CNA Exam

Though the components of final exams differ depending upon the authority that is conducting that exam for awarding the certification, this exam may consist of these three components:

  • Written Part
  • Oral Part
  • Hands-On Practice

You must successfully pass all these portions of the exam if you want to qualify for the certification and get your nursing license to work in a hospital as a nursing assistant. If you are unable to pass one portion of the exam while completing the other, you Can surely retake that part alone instead of again appearing for the complete exam.

Is It Hard To Pass This Exam?

No, it is not at all difficult to pass this exam if you have timely enrolled yourself in a CNA training session, completed your training, and have acquired all the essential skills and knowledge to become a certified nursing assistant. There are approximately more than 70 questions included in the oral and written section of the exam. If you have a firm grasp of the contents of your training course, you can do well with these two sections. As far as the hand-on part of the exam is concerned, it is somewhat difficult especially for those who have just attended online classes and their real practice is null. In this part, you have to demonstrate your skills and show the examiner that you are competent enough to handle all kinds of nursing jobs. No matter how hard the task is, you have to clear this section of the exam at any cost, if you want to get the certification at the end of the course.

How To Prepare Yourself Best For The Exam?

Well, this is the question that most of the students are concerned about when they are taking a CNA exam. There is no foolproof way to get yourself a passing score but you can certainly boost your chances of getting the certification if you know how to prepare yourself well for the exam. If you are about to take this exam, first make sure that you have a solid study plan. You need to write down the material and prepare your notes to clear the written portion of the exam. Preparing notes is just not enough, you have to assign a specific time for each task and make reminders on your calendar as well.

Secondly, when you are preparing yourself for the final exam to get a certification, do not limit yourself to your course contents. It would be best to go through as many study materials as much as it is possible. You can find lots of study guides online, either download those guides or buy from the market and do your best to pass your final CNA exam.

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