How to Merge Multiple Outlook Archive PST Files

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In today’s IT world, email plays an important role for large as well small organizations or businesses. There are various email client available in the online market. Outlook is one of the preferred email client application which comes with several features and advanced security. In addition, Outlook provides latest version at time to time with better features. As a result users have multiple PST files while transferring from earlier version to latest. In this blog, we will discuss the solution to merge multiple Outlook archive PST files into one. So, let begin to the process.

Why We Need to Combine PST Archive Files?

Before going to the solution, first let’s know the reason behind merging archive PST files into a single one.

  1. Multiple archive files are challenging to manage as they can be misplaced anywhere and corrupt.
  2. Users want to merge archive files to other PST file for easily access and handle.
  3. Importing several archive files in Outlook is not possible in a single time.
  4. Merging multiple archives files into one is helpful for users to access it in one place

Best Way to Merge Multiple Outlook Archive PST Files

In order to combine PST archive files in Outlook into one or other PST file without any data loss or file size issue, SysTools PST Merge is the best solution. This software will help you out to consolidate Outlook archive files in just a few simple clicks without disturbing data integrity. It supports to merge all types of PST files like archive, active, network and password encrypted. The tool also works with both UNICODE and ANSI PST files to merge into a single UNICODE PST file.  

With this software, you can quickly and effortlessly merge Outlook archive files with all emails, calendars, contacts and other information. It supports to combine archive PST files of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other earlier editions. The tool can be easily install and run on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. The important feature of this utility is its 3 unique merging options- Join PST, Merge PST and Merge Outlook Contacts. 

Step-by-Step Process of How to Merge Multiple Outlook Archive PST Files

The software is very simple to use and gives 100% accurate result in just few moments. Follow these steps to combine PST archive files:

  1. Download and run the PST File Merge Tool
  2. Select PST file which you wish to merge.
  3. Choose one option from Join PST, Merge PST and Merge Outlook Contacts.
  4. Check the required advanced options- Split PST, Remove Duplicates and Exclude Deleted Items.
  5. Browse to save resultant PST file at desired location and click the Merge PST Files button.

This is the simple working of the software to merge Outlook archive files into one PST or other PST file. You can easily combine and remove duplicate items from Outlook data files without loss of data.

Manual Guide to Combine Outlook Archives

There is no direct tool or solution provided by Microsoft to combine PST archive files. However, some indirect manual method can be helpful to do so. Here are the steps below to merge multiple Outlook archive PST files-

Step 1:- Create a New Blank PST File

  • Run Outlook application. Click on the New Items and select More Items after that select Outlook Data File option
  • Now, select the location to save new PST file and give a name for PST file. 
  • Finally click OK and new PST file is successfully created in Outlook.

Step 2:- Import all PST Files Into New One

  • Open Outlook program, click on File tab >> Open >> Import
  • The Import and Export wizard will open here select “Import from another program or file” and click Next
  • Click “Outlook Data File (.pst)” under Select the type to import from option and click Next
  • Browse and select the PST file to import. Check the box “Do not import duplicates” and hit on the Next button
  • Select the folder to import from. Check the box “Include subfolders” and “import items into the same folder in”. After that click on the Finish button. 

This is the manual method to merge multiple Outlook archive PST files. This process only works if you have only limited archive PST files for combining.


If you have multiple archive .pst files that you want to merge, then this manual trick does not work. You have to repeat the second step when all the PST file does not import into the newly created PST file. You should have technical knowledge to perform this task as well as it is very time-consuming and lengthy process.

The Last Lines

Outlook provides facility to archive PST file to create a backup of data. As we all know that multiple PST files is difficult to manage and may be some of data misplaced anywhere. Therefore, here we discussed the professional as well as the free manual solution to merge multiple Outlook archive PST files. Manual process have some limitations and drawbacks that’s why it is recommended to opt for professional solution that can easily merge Outlook archive files without any data corruption and file size issues.

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