How To Measure A PPC Campaign? Learn The Key Metrics


Nowadays, marketers are investing in PPC campaigns so as to gain positive results and upgrade the business rankings on Google. However, even if the campaigns are easy to run, bringing out the optimal result is quite a headache. This is when it is required to measure a PPC campaign. 

Irrespective of the ad platform, a paid search campaign can be measured, monitored, and optimized to steer the wheels of the business in the right direction. Experts belonging to a PPC marketing company in Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata know how to measure a PPC campaign and understand the business performance across the online platform.   

Do you want to learn the tricks and tips to measure a pay-per-click campaign? Well, then you have to learn the different types of metrics that carry the business image and determine how exactly the business is doing online. 

Let’s find out the list of key metrics below.

Key metrics that help to measure a PPC campaign

  1. Impressions: Impressions are counted whenever an ad gets displayed on the user’s screen. These impressions have nothing to do with the users’ actions. Even if the user scrolls down without clicking on the ad, it will be counted as one impression. 

In the case of impressions, there are a few things to be considered. First of all, it is the impression share. This is defined as the number of impressions the ad attained based on the number of impressions the ad able to receive.

The impression share is mathematically defined as the number of impressions received by the total number of impressions. 

Second, it is the top and absolute top impressions. Top impressions are defined as the impressions of the ads that appear above the organic search results. While Absolute top impressions are the impressions of the ad that appear in the very first position of the search results.    

All these metrics help in determining the rankings of the ads at different positions of the search results.

  1. Click-through rate: Besides impressions, the next important metric is the click-through rate. This has a lot to do with your PPC success. CTR or click-through rate is defined as the number of clicks generated per ad. It implies whenever a user clicks on the ad, CTR is counted.

CTR defines the number of people who are actually interested in learning about the ad. This helps in finding the right audience and building conversions. CTR is easy to calculate. The formula goes like this – 

(Total number of ad clicks / total number of ad impressions) * 100 = CTR%

This is the most important factor responsible for framing the PPC performance. CTR helps in deriving the Quality Score of a PPC ad. The higher the percentage is, the higher is the quality score. Hence, the need of determining the rate.  

  1. Conversions: Conversions are defined as the number of visitors who want to get converted into happy customers. The rate of conversion gives an idea about the customers who have made any type of action after visiting the ad.

Now, there are different types of conversions that actually help to build business sales. For example – visiting the website, page view, signing up, app installs, in-app actions, phone calls, website lead, and many more. 

By determining the rate and type of conversion, you can get an idea about how many times the ad has converted. This helps in analyzing your ad performance and make some improvements if required.

Conversion rates can be improved by optimizing the landing pages, checking the quality of the ad, and including powerful CTAs. Work on it to gain better performance.   

  1. Cost-per-click: Another important term is the cost-per-click. This is one of the biggest metrics to be derived from a paid search campaign performance. Since in PPC, the advertiser needs to pay for every click made by the user, keeping track of it is very important. Well, you can definitely customize your CPC based on your budget.  

Measuring and monitoring CPC is important to learn whether you are not paying a large amount compared to the competitors. To be in the competitive frame, such rates matter a lot. After all, CPC has a good impact on your business ROI. 


PPC marketing is nothing but a gift for digital marketers. Even a reputation management agency understands the importance of a successful PPC campaign. According to the experts, if you have a good budget you must not miss out on investing in paid advertising. 

Paid advertising not just helps a business to gain limelight across the right audience. But even generate quality leads and cultivate more new potential clients. PPC is a gem and you need to insert this gem to get a quality shine in your business.

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