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Being an online educator, you must be investing in online marketing. It’s extremely vital for making your online education business a brand. The revenue will begin to clock-in & you would be able to effectively reach, grow & engage when you are marketing your knowledge. Once your online target audience recognises & trusts you, you would ultimately begin to sell online courses.

Since the world is going digital, you would need to use a combination of digital marketing strategies that work best for you.

Think about your ideal student, & where you can reach out to them. Go through this article to understand it in detail. 

How to Market Your Course to Generate Leads

Guest/Run a Podcast

Podcasts are booming in 2021 because of the boom in voice search. There are two ways you can associate yourself with podcasts, – you can either appear on another podcast like being interviewed or start one of your own. 

Be a guest on a podcast: If you are active on Social Media Platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, you can easily spot podcasts that are available in your niche. Reach out to the creator of the podcast host & offer to collaborate. Tell him you have the required expertise, which could benefit their audience. Once you have contacted the relevant person, introduce yourself and share your credibility. While you are on the podcast, share your tips & advice to the listeners on your topic and then direct them to your course page.

Running a podcast: You can consider starting podcasting yourself on a topic that is relevant to your target audience. Once you have created your podcast, go to podcast-hosting platforms & launch. Start to promote it among your network while gradually building a pool of listeners who could become your potential students.

Share Customer Testimonials

Credibility & trust are two factors, extremely vital for your business. It would be even more essential while selling your courses. People would put into their time & money to gauge service. Hence, if you can get people to share their testimonials in the form of text or videos, you should. 

Gather feedback on your courses, as much positive as possible. When we do word of mouth marketing, w

Every time someone talks about your product or service you look even more convincing with your marketing efforts.

In order to motivate your current learners to provide a course review or a video testimonial, give them a bonus or a reward. Add them to your course landing page where more people can see them.

Write Engaging and Unique Content

When you are selling courses through course platforms like Spayee, you have the blog’s section integrated. The content writing strategy is also something that is important in terms of growth. In order to get this right, create unique, as well as engaging blogs which educate your audience. 

Whether you are creating textual content like articles, or presentations, quotes, infographics, or even videos, you can repurpose that content & can use it throughout the site. 

Connect Your Social Accounts

Today, businesses, both virtual and physical are able to attract the right set of audience, thanks to social media.

There is a  lot of potential in online platforms. The least that you can do is get online & start to build your online presence. When you are active on social media & are consistent with your efforts, then it becomes super powerful. social media is powerful.

  • Optimize your profile on social media platforms. 
  • Show that you are an expert in your domain. 
  • Build Your Credibility
  • Start to share your thoughts & knowledge on different platforms by repurposing content & cross-promoting. 

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