Best Practices for Education: Managing and Securing OMR Documents

omr documents

Document scanning services has brought about an economic reform in the traditional ways of handling and maintaining records. There was a time when educational institutions managed records in the form of paper documents which were extremely vulnerable to security threats like unauthorized access, damage, misuse, theft and lost data. 

As much as we try to preserve and save information on printed papers, time and age does leave its inevitable marks on them, leading to fragile binds and faded information. But in this new era of efficient scanning mechanism, documents are being scanned and turned to their electronic counterparts which are safer, timeless, error-free and most convenient method of record keeping and management.

Sensitive data like student examination records, recruitment exam papers, survey history and so on are a major reason for massive heaps of document storage in educational institutions. However, with the use of OMR sheet scanning services, the examinations are now being conducted through digital media which makes the process easy, time-saving and potentially secured. 

Here is a checklist of some of the best practices that makes OMR scanning an efficient data management technique for any educational establishment. 

High Level Security:

OMR scanning software is exceptionally secured. Protected with administrative and user passwords, OMR software gives a secured panel for users to choose the bulleted answers without granting them access to change or view the right multiple choices. 

Moreover, it gives a password restricted access to the result database which prevents unauthorized personnel to alter end results stored in the system.  

No more security breach with Answer Key:

OMR sheet scanning services examine multiple options printed documents and scans them without storing the answer key in the scanning system. The OMR scanning software is developed in a way that the answer key can be protected and introduced into the software at the last moment. 

This ensures a fair evaluation procedure where the evaluator cannot modify a candidate’s answer while scanning the sheet. Thus, restricting misconduct and security breach of examination results of students in the educational facilities. 

Protection From Manipulating Evaluation Data:

OMR sheet scanning services offers a lot of security to preserve the authenticity and genuineness of an evaluation paper and its result. But it doesn’t mean that the OMR software is particularly rigid while saving the data on the sheet. 

The data on a sheet can be altered after the evaluation of the OMR sheet but that again requires special permission from the specified personnel. Secured extensively with password on every step of the process, OMR solution offers an exceptionally secured window to access and evaluate multiple option printed papers in an educational institution. Thus, managing and protecting critical data from getting misused in the process. 

OMR scanning does not only make an evaluation process easy and convenient for an educational institution to conduct but also makes it equally effortless and accurate for the deserving candidate. Giving potentially error free results and secured from illegitimate gain to access data, OMR sheet scanning services is truly a boon offered by the document scanning services

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