How to make a WordPress website?

make WordPress website
make WordPress website

Creating a website used to be a massive project, and Creating a website without code and then hiring a developer which makes expensive too, and then the question arises how to make a WordPress website? But then things have in a year much easier and cheaper too. So let’s dive into creating the WordPress website.

WordPress is a free, powerful, and open-source content management system that can be downloaded and it allows to create the simple blogging to small businesses website further to corporate level and featured application too. WordPress is the most popular constant management system solution in use.

Further to explain it working in detail I have listed below steps that will guide how to make a WordPress website?

 They are:

  • Pick a name and find a domain name for your website
  • Your Domain name has to register
  • Must decide what kind of website you want to create.
  • Take a hosting for your website
  • Then you can install WordPress
  • Your domain needs to point to your host
  • Next will be can install a WordPress theme
  • Then add content to your website 
  • You can continue to evolve your website 

Pick a name and find a domain name for your website:

When you are set to create a website you need to get a domain name your domain name will allow users to access your website. A domain name is the permanent address of your website that people type to find the address of your website. For example, is the domain name the end of domain name i.e. .com is called the top-level domain and others are .net, .org and the country-specific is .co.UK, .hu

Your domain name has to register:

Firstly I need to clear the difference between domain registration and hosting. A domain name is like the address of your home and web hosting is the space where you place the furniture of your house. Choosing a domain name must be difficult but it should include easy and short to type. There are lots of domain registrars for domain registration and web hosts for hosting you can buy separately also. You can pick it from the domain registrar as per review of it some of them are, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and many more you will find. You can also get a domain and to grow your website you would have the option from Best Social Media Marketing Company

Must decide what kind of website you want to create:

WordPress is the most popular website builder. WordPress can help you to create a simple blog or personal website. And what is a blog you will get to know Best Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana from you need to decide as you want a simple website like what the business does? who the business is for? contact info.

WordPress evolved with powerful CMS later.

WordPress can build a professional-looking business website. It is also providing solutions to build an eCommerce website and it has plugins like WooCommerce, Easy digital downloads, WPEcommerce which convert your WordPress website into a fully-featured eCommerce website, and from here you can also manage shipping taxes, accept payments also.

WordPress can build a Job board website, business directory, questions and answer website, portfolio website, and many more.

Taking a hosting for your website:

WordPress is the tool where we can build a website and you also need a web host. It is the actual server that will store your site and will make it available when anyone visits it. You can buy a hosting plan and domain combined also. The hosting plan will make a house of all the files that make up your site. Your hosting server is where you install WordPress. The range of it from affordable shared hosting plans to expensive hosting plans. The companies for web hosting are Bluehost, Site ground, and others are also available to choose from.

Then you can install WordPress:

 When you have a web hosting WordPress is installed in one click and you simply have to integrate the web host with WordPress which helps to install the WordPress.

Your domain needs to point to your host:

When you purchase a domain from a domain registrar and then sign up to web hosting and next it to install the WordPress after that you can connect all the stuff together by pointing the domain to your host and when people come on the domain they end up on to the website. Configuring a few nameserver setting on your domain registrar for your domain. Your host will give you the correct setting to set up. If you find it difficult you can reach out to customer service also.

Next will be can install a WordPress theme:

Once the WordPress theme is installed you it determines how your website looks. It gives a feeling of an alive and running website. You can see a change in it without rebuilding it from scratch you can purchase the WordPress theme from the marketplace which will make your website look more effective and attractive. Your website also needs a social media presence also and to do it you can look into Best Social Media Marketing Agency

Then add content to your website:

Finally, you can add content to your website or on your individual pages this all will do within WordPress. WordPress will give you two types of content one of pages and another post. the post will come under the section of the blog if it is related to a blog post or you not planning for the blog post you can skip it too and the pages are the most permanent pages on the website. Like, contact us page and info page. You can create the pages of a website by using WordPress  such as:

  • Homepage
  • Contact us page
  • Blog page
  • Product and service page
  • About page

You can add more to it later also.

You can continue to evolve your website:

And to this step, you can see a full-functioned website of yours. You can add a lot of extra configuration like you can add extra WordPress plugins that upgrade your site, can add an email list, grow traffic and the list is endless. For extra stuff, it depends on your goals and priorities also. Website is the ever-evolving thing at first you create it won’t look alike after a couple of months later until and unless to keep growing your website by working and to grow more to it you can give a look on Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana I hope satisfied the question that how to make the WordPress website?

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