How To Make Your Parking Lot A Safer Place?

Parking Lot

Recommendations from these studies include:

1. Install CCTV Cameras

Monitoring the area through the use of closed-circuit televisions. The fact of the use of CCTV should be displayed on parking lot signs displayed at multiple locations throughout the area. Color digital cameras offer better protection than analog or black and white cameras. They offer better image resolution and detail.

2. Proper Illumination

Lighting can deter criminal activities. In interior parking areas, the lights should provide a minimum of 60 lux at the pavement level. Aim for an average uniformity ratio of 4.1 or lower. Conduct luminosity tests at several times throughout 24 hours. 

The construction of garages often means natural light provides little aid as most of the sun’s rays are blocked. Light levels need to be higher in areas of entries and exits and driving lanes, elevator lobbies, and stairwells, with a minimum rating of 100 lux.

Paint walls white using semi-glossy or glossy paints for greatest visibility. These measures can deter crimes and help in the prevention of accidents with both vehicles and pedestrians as these lighting procedures and color choices allow both drivers and pedestrians to see better.

3. Transparent Stairwell Walls

Stairwell walls should be avoided or made of transparent materials, such as Plexiglas. This allows users of the facility to have warned of trouble in the area and discourages criminals from lurking in the area.

4. Integrate Panic Alarm With Cameras

Cameras should be paired with panic alarms or emergency call boxes that are colored bright red to increase visibility. The recording device can record everything happening in the area if the alarm is used. In addition to discouraging crimes, this also provides evidence for use by officers if the incident requires investigation later.

5. Chain Link Fence For Open Lots

Open lots necessitate control of access points. If possible, a high chain-link fence is ideal. In other cases, lower fences, rows of dense shrubbery, or addition of No Trespassing parking lot signs that remind individuals the property is private and provide a deterrent effect psychologically.

6. Avoid Plants Inside Parking Area

Plantings of trees or high shrubs in the interior of the lot should be avoided as these tend to limit visibility. Lighting must be sufficient to allow users to see movement at night time at a distance of at least 75 feet and recognize features of the face from a distance of at least 30 feet. Overall, illumination must be a minimum of 30 lux both day and night.

7. Patrol This Area Regularly 

Lot attendants need to patrol the area regularly instead of remaining in their booths for the entire shift. This practice is even more important after sunset. If armed security officers are employed to manage this task, the results are even better.

8. Painting Parking Lot Lines 

There are various things that you need to consider while painting your parking lot. First of all, one should know that making clear lines on the parking lot is very important. This will assist one in managing traffic inside the parking lot. This is also important in keeping slots visible. 

These will lead to a good traffic flow direction, parking management, specifically to the physically handicapped people. Secondly, when painting parking lot lines, consideration of how it is to be done in accordance to the area is important. 

You should keep the painted lines and direction arrow visible to improve traffic flow, consider re-paving the entire car park if it is extremely damaged. For car park construction In Sydney, you should hire the best professionals who offer parking lot pavement services. 

9. Maintain Cleanliness

Get rid of the small stones and other debris. You should clean all the other dirt with the help of pressured water. The clean and organized parking lot acts like a safety tool that can help you cut back on collisions, slip and falls, or other potential hazards. Also, keep a check on cracks and holes.

Final Words

Businesses that adopt the measures discussed above for parking lot safety will find the areas for which they are responsible will be safer as well as more secure for everyone using them. Parking lot signs are an important part of the overall safety protocol.

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