Germany’s third largest city, Munich is a mix of traditional and cutting edge innovations – all in one place. Home to some of the world’s most elite universities, a degree from Munich could easily be your pathway to success. This city offers students much more than just a colourful palette. It prepares them for lifelong challenges through its exemplary courses and its thriving culture. 

If you have been thinking about studying abroad, this Bavarian capital should definitely be on your list. Munich offers the very best of student life and here are the ways in which you can use that to your advantage.  


Munich has emerged as one of the most notable economic hubs of the world. It is home to prestigious universities like LMU Munich or Technical University of Munich; innovative start-ups and multinational corporations. As a student, you can make the best use of peer networking in Munich to gain insights about your preferred companies. Successful networking can be made into a reality if you choose the perfect student accommodation Munich which allows for easy socialization. 

student accommodation Munich

Tech companies specifically are drawn to Munich. The city is a preferred destination for resourceful start-ups. Proper networking during University days can bring exciting opportunities for students on their journey in Munich. 


Ranked second in the 20 Greatest cities to live in, Munich offers quality lifestyle like no other. Sure as a student, you need to be mindful about your expenses but student accommodation Munich is affordable if you know where to look. A mix of contemporary luxuries and old world charm, Munich has a vibrant culture, lip smacking array of street foods and colourful festivals all through the year. The city has a welcoming community and language is usually no barrier. 


From the much trending Oktoberfest to the many breathtaking castles and wide green pastures, Munich is an explorer’s paradise. As a student, expeditions in Munich are budget friendly. A simple bicycle ride or a walk through the majestic English Garden is enough to rejuvenate after a stressful week at the University.

Munich is home to historical art museums, splendid churches and is a seat of international theatre. It has something for each and every palette out there. All these explorations can be made hassle free provided you stay at a student accommodation Munich which is conveniently located to allow access to such spots. 


Munich offers a satisfying student experience like no other. More than 15,000 international students have enrolled in Munich universities despite the fear of the pandemic. Students are so content with their stay in Munich that some do not even wish to leave. It is a hub of lucrative job opportunities and hence attracts a talent pool from around the world, hence there is no dearth of cultural diversity. 

With the best universities, affordable tuition fees and a lively culture, Munich is the perfect option for your study abroad journey. Be sure to book into a student accommodation Munich which comes equipped with all necessary facilities for easy living. 


Last but not the least, Munich has an enviable social life that specifically appeals to students. The city is host to famous beer fests, carnivals, Halloween celebrations, film festivals and much more. Students will never get bored on their weekends with the endless options of pocket friendly bars and restaurants. 

Student accommodation Munich also offers ample chances to socialize with other students.They come equipped with common lounges where you can host end of semester parties. 

Student life in Munich is not confined to class seminars or library hours. Its research facilities coupled with an inclusive culture and opportunities make it one of the best study abroad destinations. Munich is nicknamed as the ‘land of laptops and lederhosen’. A degree from a prestigious Munich university will give you that much needed global exposure and will make you a preferred choice for recruiters.

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