How to maintain your car’s transmission properly?

auto gearbox specialist

If you maintain thorough and monthly transmission servicing practices, you can save several hundred to thousands of dollars of repair work – not to mention a broken car in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s take a look at some tips before visiting your auto gearbox specialist in Malaysia.

1. Top-up Your Transmission Fluid

There isn’t a transmission problem that can’t be caused or exacerbated by low levels of transmission fluid. You’ll find different advice online on how often to see your transmission fluid by a variety of kilometers. But at the best transmission repair shop in Malaysia, they would provide permanent transmission maintenance, check it monthly- at least once. Put aside some time on the primary weekend of each month, pop your hood, dip your dipstick into your transmission fluid, and check the extent. If it’s beneath the required level, just fill it up. 

auto gearbox specialist

2. Check Your Transmission Fluid

Seriously, check your transmission fluid. Don’t neglect this transmission maintenance task. The importance of transmission fluid can’t be overstated, so don’t just check the fluid level, check the fluid itself. Good transmission fluid should have a reddish translucent appearance and will smell largely neutral. If your transmission fluid smells foul or burnt, or if it’s opaque, there’s something wrong together with your transmission. 

3. Search for Transmission Fluid Leaks

One last note on transmission fluid: you shouldn’t need to top up your fluid levels every monthly transmission maintenance check. If you discover yourself topping up your fluid too often, you may have a leakage. Take a short time every once and a short time to seem under your vehicle after you’ve been parked for a while for patches of transmission fluid.

4. Respect Your Gears

A key aspect of transmission maintenance is treating your transmission amorously and with respect. Don’t get lazy or procrastinate together with your vehicle. 

Taking care of your car’s transmission fluid monthly by a transmission specialist in Malaysia, albeit you drive a 1996 Fiat Multiple, is an incredibly intricate and expensive work of mechanization. So take the additional second to return to a transmission repair shop near me before you shift from drive to reverse and the other way around. Wait until you’re completely stopped before you shift into the park. And when parking on an incline, please engage your hand brake.

Fix sipping transmission

What is the fix for a slipping transmission? It’s simple. Just pop the hood of your vehicle, locate the transmission switch, and alter the setting from “SLIP” to “STABLE”. If only it were that easy. Here’s the important info on slipping transmission fixes.

OK, so if your transmission starts slipping, it must be fixed directly. How does one do that? Is it something you’ll do on your own? Probably not. 

A coffee level of transmission fluid can contribute to only about any transmission problem. Check your transmission fluid levels—as you ought to do a minimum of once a month—and top it up if necessary. You’ll choose a slow and measured test drive then. If there are not any slips, no transmission fluid leaks, and therefore the fluid that was left in your vehicle didn’t smell burnt or look opaque, then you would possibly be all right.

In most cases, however, a transmission slip fix requires a visit to a transmission fix-it shop. In manual transmissions, slippage is usually caused by a worn-out clutch. Replace the clutch, and sometimes the matter goes away. 

For automatic transmissions, damaged or worn clutch plates, transmission bands, or solenoid packs are often the culprit, and one or more of those got to get replaced.

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