How to Learn Web Design for Beginners : Ways to Start your Career

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The basic act of establishing your online presence is to have a basic website for your business or your company. As it is going to create the first impression for visitors who navigate into your site, you need to own a perfect site that will contain a clear and simple design and frameworks along with effective content. There is no point in relying on any web developer to create a website for you. It is very simple to learn web design and you yourself can enroll yourself in any web designing course and get trained in a short period of time. Now let us see the ways to learn web design.

Analyze properly

Before you get into the process you need to do a proper analysis of what platform you are going to have. It can be Magento or any other platform. The website should match the needs of the business for which it is being created. The UI design should be perfect and for these, you need to go through several websites and learn to insect their codes. After proper analysis, you can set your goal on designing a website on your own with the decided platform and design.

Understand the basic features of a website

You have taken the effort to learn web design but before that, you need to know the features of a website so that the website you are going to design should satisfy all the basic features that it is supposed to have. First of all, the website should act fast. It should have a proper scrolling effect so that the visitor can easily move down the page. The website should be compatible with any device. It is very clear that most people visit a site through their smartphones. So your website should be mobile responsive. Your website should be a reliable and secure one. Only then visitors can sit for a while in your page and go through it. Make sure that you will have all these features on your website.

Gain knowledge from all resources

Initially, you may find learning to design a website and developing it is a challenging one. It may be true but there are many reliable resources that can train you on how to learn web design. Most of the resources are free to access and many are paid resources. Some contain content alone and many come with tutorial videos. By accessing the internet you can find the one that suits you and can do self-study. If you are not good at studying on your own then the better advice is to join an institute that trains on web designing. Before you join any institute make sure that the institute has well-experienced mentors and they follow the current and updated curriculum. Also, you should give more importance to the certificate they provide. In the future, you may need those certificates to start your career in any company.

Implement it

So far you have gained too much theoretical knowledge. Now it is time to practice all you have learned. As practice makes perfect, you all need to practice designing a website on your own. Once you implement your learning you will get more doubts and may face a few errors while running the code. There are many communities available online. For eg., Magento has its own community where all Magento experts will be the members of that community. So beginners can post their doubts in that group and they will get the solution for their doubts within a fraction of a second. The more you have doubts the more you will be cleared. This will tune you to become a perfect web developer.

Start your own project

To make it more serious, you need to start developing a website for any real client. So far, you were practicing on your own. Now you can create some simple websites for your clients. To get clients you can register yourself as a freelancer. There are many freelancing sites like,, and many more. You can make use of anyone and start taking projects on your own. By taking more projects you will get familiarized with the concepts.

Promote yourself

This is the most important thing you need to do after you learn web design. People should know you that you are a web developer only then they will give you projects. Create a perfect profile for you and start promoting it on all social media platforms and attract more people. If you want to get a job then prepare a resume that will showcase your designing talents. This will impress the recruiter and for sure you will be placed in a topmost firm.

We hope that you are clear on how to learn web design and now you can create your own website and let the world know who you are.

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Karthi has been the lead web designer and professional programmer in a well recognized HTML, Javascript and Angular service since 2010. His passion is to help others in all aspects of programming and so he often conducts advanced web designing training programme. Coding  is not simply his job, it’s his craze and he breathes for it!

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