How To Launch an Apple TV App?


Apps have become part of our lives and one of the best ways for businesses to market their brand. Both Android and iOS need separate kinds of apps that can work on respective platforms. Thus, the development of apps gets started separately as per the business requirement! Apple TV is one of the most popular OTT platforms that provide unmatched entertaining options. The right kind of Apple TV app helps businesses achieve a lot of their commercial targets with ease. 

Apple TV apps are getting popular with time as the volume of users increases! The Apple development process is a simple one and experts can use the features easily. TVOS integrated easily with Apple devices and the streaming services are easy to use. The creation of an Apple TV app is a great investment so as to publish videos or channels. Select the Apple TV app developers based on their experience and exposure to launch similar apps. 

Businesses need to invest in Apple TV apps so as to avail the top benefits of the Apple TV platform. Recently, Apple announced their latest iterations to appeal to a broader set of business scenes that includes enterprises. The new features in the development platform help to build native 3rd party apps with the use of the latest TVOS SDK. There is plenty available for the developers to explore and build functional apps for the platform. The article highlights the tips to develop & launch the Apple TV apps. 

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Apple TV App Development and Launch Tips

Apple TV has been around for some time but app development features weren’t so effective earlier. It has been reborn with new features so as to provide hardware enhancement that includes a top-performing A8 processor. Control the Apple TV apps now through a cleaner interface, simple remote control, and hook up with a game controller easily. Apple’s app-driven environment is ensuring the creation of apps through new third-party tvOS developers. 

FOCUS ENGINE is one of the essential components in Apple TV app development! It enables the users a smooth transition from the existing app to iOS. This refers to the set of interactions rules meant to alter the focus on different options displayed on the Apple TV screen. If you’re into the video business then it becomes paramount to monetize it to reach the viewers. There are different ways to develop & launch the Apple TV apps as per the convenience. Let us look into the most favorable method to do it. 

Best tips to develop and launch the Apple TV apps –

Make the connection of your MAC device to the Apple TV remote 

The development of apps occurs through the Developer Kit and before it we need to work with the simulator. The prime use of it is to cater to a fast edit-build-run cycle and the developers start with on-screen remote overlay. It gets invoked with the button ‘⇧-⌘-R’ but it is very small to use. The option key needs to be pressed while simulating swipes with the help of remote fingers.

Are you looking for some tips to make the life of Apple TV app developers simple? Pair up the remote with Mac (EI Captain) so as to enable its recognition for the simulator. It also allows easy communication. The remotes have a strong call for the Apple TV apps and get paired easily. For a new pairing, the Apple TV needs to be powered down, till the completion of pairing. 

Start by pressing the ‘MENU’ button and the ‘Volume Up’ button together for some time. Now on the Mac device, look for ‘System Preferences’ and then navigate through to the Bluetooth panel. The Apple TV should be clearly visible on the list of discovered devices so as to do the pairing easily. Remote gestures get followed by the focus on the simulator. It is better to go ahead as the focus wiggles now. 

Make the easy connection of Mac to the Apple TV

The Apple product packaging with Dev Kit needs orders to start the development process. Then use the cable to connect your Apple TV to the Mac development kit. A cable connection to the Apple TV becomes important in case of debugging and receiving the logs. It will also be a good idea to look into Apple wireless development or the Ethernet connection using the Thunderbolt-Ethernet adapter. 

Launch Apple TV apps easily with third-party assistance 

Third-party service providers are helping in the easy launch of the Apple TV apps. Launching the relevant app on the Apple TV is just a matter of click now after final verification from the client. Apps have a built-in tvOS platform that just requires a sign-in to upload the apps, select the relevant design, and get started. It is simple to use and developers make most of such platforms so as to test-run the app effectively. 

The video saving from tvOS 

Are you looking to promote the Apple TV app now? Or is it time to report for a bug or looking to capture some early footage from a running device? It is not a good idea to capture from the simulator as it leads to different OS X decorations. The other way of doing it will be to get an HDMI capture device, but those devices are very expensive. 

It also leads to video compression products and the best option is to connect the Apple TV to your Mac device with the help of a USB-C cable. Start the launch of QuickTime so as to start the process of the video capture session. Now select the source as an Apple TV device and then press ‘REC’.

Effective use of iOS Cocoapods with Apple TV 

Developers always look for third-party open source libraries in the development of TVOS apps. The best way for incorporation is to use the libraries with Cocoa Pods. The pod specs files can be an issue for the libraries as most of them have not been updated yet. If the developers haven’t experimented with tvOS yet, then it becomes a problem. 

The additional support for tvOS provided by the IOS is simple and the 100& compatible codes make it suitable for use. Rebuild the library for the new target so as to ensure easy input handling. The developers can simply incorporate the code so as to simplify the app development process. Start using the pod specs to add support to tvOS and it means straightaway use of pods for respective projects. 

Final Thoughts!

There are multiple benefits of Apple TV apps for businesses so as to deliver the right brand message to consumers. The development of Apple TV apps might look daunting but with new features, the launching process has become simple. There are millions of Apple users worldwide and the use of Apple TVs is also increasing with time! 

Get in touch with reputed Apple TV app developers if you’re looking to take advantage of the Apple TV. There is a solution for all kinds of Apple TV app launch troubles for developers. Make sure you get custom apps that are simple for business use and also deliver the right message to customers.

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