How To Increase the Range OF Your Own Company?

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The way you build a business has changed fundamentally in recent years. In addition, we owe all of this to the social networks. Anyone who has watched Instagram in recent years will have noticed how many people market products online via the platform. Many start with small stores without owning a real shop. Thanks to the Internet, they only make money from deliveries. After everyone has seen the success of Amazon and EBay, some have understood how lucrative an internet business can be.

Many users assumed that only the presence of social networks would be sufficient. Unfortunately, this is a myth that many also understood. The appearance alone is not enough. Great importance is attached to your reach. Of course, your sales will increase when your site reaches enough people. However, how do we do that now? Read on and I will show you how you can increase your range.

Extend range: does it make sense?

In most cases, you strive for the quality of your content. However, this is not a crucial point. There are several factors that many audience do not pay attention to. You can have the best products in the world at the cheapest prices, but if you cannot present your site, it will be slow. Let us start with the first steps.

Well, first it is important to make the profile public so that you are visible to everyone. Your profile should be 100% complete. Means a description is necessary. If there is a website, please provide the link. The same goes for a blog. Not to mention a good profile picture. Also, make sure that your Facebook account is not missing; this also helps to reach more people.

If you start posting pictures, you have to interact a lot to make friends. If your concern is to build everything clean, you have to do it.

What should I watch out for when posting?

Edit your pictures. There are many ways to edit your pictures. However, I would not recommend Instagram’s filter, as there are far better ones. Edit your pictures with a professional program such as an image-editing app.

Hashtags are also recommended because they serve to expand your reach. If you already have an existing community, make sure that you do not use too many inappropriate hashtags. However, if you are fresh on the platform at the beginning, you can take advantage of the limits of Instagram and use up to 30 hashtags on your posts. At first, this helps you to increase your range. However, keep in mind: keywords that you add later do not allow you to improve the range. A very good tip, look for your own hashtags. You can post these under each picture, be creative. So only, your pictures will be shown under this post.

Language is of course a very important aspect of your marketing. Here you have to determine yourself whether you are only active in the German-speaking area or want to go international. Of course, you can reach a lot more people in English than just in German. It is important here which language your target group speaks. If your target group speaks Chinese, it will be of little or no use to you to post your hashtags in Scandinavian. Therefore, be aware of which language you choose from the start.

After you have started your posts, the most important task is to make friends. As mentioned above, you have to interact a lot yourself. Ideally only with users who fit your target group. Therefore, you start to generate likes and followers as well.

If you feel drawn to using hashtags like # l4l # f4f, then you should expect that you would not find your target group. However, the setup is faster.

Increase range: what else can you do?

  • Frequency

How often should you post best? There is no real or reliable answer for this question, because every group is differently active on Instagram. Find the best time that are best and use them for your profile. How can you best find out the time? See which picture got the most likes and remember the time. Of course, one post a month is not enough and 10 posts are too much.

  • Time

The first step is to find out the best time when your target group is most active. If your profile is set to international and thus covers several time zones, you need to find a good middle ground. After a while, you will find that you have your own routine and your fans are already used to it. Without you noticing it, they are already expecting and waiting for your next posts.

  • Shout outs

Shoutout means recommend you another profile according to your own site. Are you wondering what that should bring? Alternatively, why should you advertise for others? Because the second person will do the same and advertise your account. It means that his Instagram Followers get to know you and vice versa or reciprocal. So you benefit from another user’s network. Here you have created a win / win situation. Both parties are happy about it.

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