How to Have Energy Efficient Home Illumination

Energy Efficient Home

Home illumination is one aspect of home maintenance that can literally drill a hole in your pocket if you are not smart enough. You may think changing one bulb is not expensive until you have to change about five of them at a go. Besides, home illumination is one of the major consumers of energy. Improper illumination can cause you to have expensive electricity bills. To help cut down on the cost of energy, here is how to have an efficient home illumination. Follow these tips and you will have a bright home for a far less cost of energy.

Use multiple light switches

This is something some of us tend to ignore this for one funny reason. We tend to see buying multiple sockets as a waste of money. In truth, we are actually saving money by buying multiple sockets. If possible, ensure that no switch controls more than one light bulb. It may not seem much but you increase the rate you consume energy anytime your switch puts on more than one light bulb.

Make use of natural sources of light

Truth is, you do not always have to put on light bulbs in your house. If you make use of certain hacks, you will only need to use light bulbs in your house when it gets dark outside. You can start by painting the internal part of your apartment in bright colors. The paint will help absorb and reflect light coming from outside. You should also make use of bright colored curtains as well. This will help allow maximum light to pass through. Avoid dark or thick curtains that will not allow adequate sunlight to pass through them.

Make it a habit to turn off lights when they are not in use

This is more or less the major cause of energy wastage when it comes to home lighting. Of all the reasons to attribute power wastage to, none compares to the human factor. Virtually other reasons will fall into place once the human factor makes them work. If we as people can learn certain energy saving habits, we can cut down on energy wastage by a whopping 75%. We can start by learning to turn off light bulbs that are not in use. This is even particular to outdoor or security lights. If you are not using it, it should not be on.

Use energy saving LED light bulbs and light your house strategically

I wonder why people will still use high energy using bulbs when there are energy saving LED light bulbs. Avoid the use of “yellow bulbs” and halogen lights for lighting your home. The brighter the light, the more energy it consumes. LED light bulbs on the other hand, do not burn as much energy. You should also not place light bulbs in every corner of your house. Sometimes I visit people and wonder the essence of illuminating their house in such a manner. If necessary, get a professional electrician to do a proper job for you. Light bulbs have a certain radius or diameter they can effectively cover. You can make the most of this knowledge by effectively spacing them out properly.

Use light and motion detector type of light switches

I remember mentioning people learning the habit of turning off lights when they are not in use. It is no easy feat to learn. This is where technology comes into play. If you are the forgetful type of person then you can make use of technology. Not every switch comes on or goes off manually. There are motion detector switches. These forms of switches automatically come on or goes off when it detects movement in the area you place it. This is effective for areas that you do not regularly use in the house. It is in areas like this that needs such switches. You can also use light detector switches. Similar to the ones on streetlights, they automatically turn on in low light and go off when the sensor detects bright enough light.

Take down decor lights when out of season

Seasonal and decor lights should be things you use only during seasons or for purposes that suit them most. There is literally no sense in using a Christmas light when the Christmas season is over. You should only use decor lights in their season and no other reason than that. You do not want to combine the use of decor lights and regular lights if you are thinking about efficient use of energy when it comes to illumination. You can either use decor lights as your regular lights or avoid the use of decor light. Even when you want to use decor light, ensure that their bulbs are energy conservative.

Keep lights and lamp holders clean by cleaning regularly

The dust on your bulb and lamp holder does not belong there. Dust and debris will not make your bulbs shine clear enough. You can help your bulbs by regularly cleaning them up. This will also ensure that your bulbs do not go bad as well their fittings.

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