It looks cute when you see someone pulling one’s chubby cheeks. There was a time when we used to be like Humpty Dumpty in our childhood. Not all, but most of the people might be looking fat in their childhood. There might be moments when someone had pulled your cheeks when you were younger.

But what if you have chubby cheeks now? Doesn’t it irritate you? Doesn’t makes you look bulky? Doesn’t it let your confidence go low? Wait before I depress you let me tell you there are ways to get rid of your chubby cheeks. And that is why we have brought this article on How To Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks”, where we will be sharing some of the ideas which will help you in getting rid of chubby cheeks. That probably will help you to look leaner. So, enough of feeling like a loser.

Chubby Cheeks
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Before we proceed let me tell you one thing that it’s not possible to lose fat from a particular area of the body. The fat loses overall from the body. That means if you want to lose your facial fat you will need to lose your overall fat. There are some natural ways of getting rid of facial fat. Performing some exercises might help you. Eating healthy and resting properly may also help. So be with the article and we will take care of what you should do and what not, in order to get rid of the chubby cheeks. Hold your coffee and just relax as we are here to help you out.

Make changes to diet plan

When it comes to losing fat, a diet plan plays a very important role. Avoid eating junk foods. And try to consume more leafy and green vegetables. Adding fruits to your diet might work magically. So let’s see what changes you should perform.

Avoid consuming more Salt and Sugar

Your body will retain more water if you consume more salt and sugar. It will keep your cheeks and face puffy all day as the water is retained due to the salt and the sugar. However, you can’t give up on consuming salt and sugar but you can at least reduce the amount of intake. Instead of salty meats, such as ham and bologna, one can go for lean meats like skinless chicken breast or ground turkey.

Drinking plenty of water

This advice is given to all. Drinking plenty of water every day really can help you in many ways. It is the best thing to consume if you are on a diet. It has no calory and it keeps you full between the meals. Drinking less water or being not fully hydrated can result in water retention. Which can let your cheeks go look puffy. Drink extra water when you sweat excessively or when you are at a warm place.

Consume less or no alcohol

Excess of everything is bad, so is with the alcohol. Try to consume less or no alcohol at all. As it can make you look bulky as a whole. Try changing your evening cocktail for a cup of chamomile tea or a mocktail made with sparkling water and fruit juice.

Have a healthy and low-calorie diet

It’s the best way to lose cheek fat, try to reduce the overall fat of the body. Add low-calorie stuff to your diet. Go for a more green vegetable, cereals, protein, and other important nutritional kinds of stuff. For tracking your calorie intake, you can download a calorie counter application on your phone. It will make a record of your daily calorie intake. Track it daily and try to eat less, but healthy food.

Exercise your cheek

Exercising is the best way to get a faster result. One can add these exercises that I am going to describe below. These exercises look funny but trust me it really works.

‘X’ and ‘O’ exercise

Speak the letter ‘x’ and the ‘o’. Repeat this sound again and again. Say each letter 20 times and repeat this twice daily.

Repeat this exercise twice or thrice a day. These are easy exercises. You can perform these exercises anywhere anytime.

Opening mouth and holding it.

Open your mouth as wide as you can, like when you open your mouth to take a big bite. Hold that opening mouth position for the next five seconds. After 5 seconds get relaxed and close your mouth. Repeat this exercise 20 times a day.

Have a chewing gum after the meal

The repetitive motions that occur due to chewing help in strengthening the jaw and make the cheeks slimmer. Chew a chewing gum for ten minutes after having your lunch.

Smile more

A smile can heal the whole world than why not your cheeks. lolz. Smiling also exercises your facial muscles, and it may draw attention away from your cheeks. Smile and hold the position for 10 seconds. Try repeating this exercise ten times a day.

Bonus tips

So if you follow the above tips, it will definitely help you. Apart from the above tips, there are also some other useful tips that might help you in solving your issue.


As we already discussed, it is not possible to reduce fat from a particular area of the body. So a half an hour workout will work fluently. You can work out for 30 minutes daily. It helps you in reducing overall fat from your body. You can try weight training also, it may give a faster result.

Get sufficient sleep

It is suggested to take an eight-hour sleep every day. Taking sufficient sleep not only makes you feel fresh but also it is important in losing weight. And also it has been said that “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy, and wise.” lolz that was nostalgic.


So far in this article on “How To Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks”, we discussed how to lose facial fats. We discussed how the diet plan plays role in getting leaner cheeks. We also discussed the role of water. Also, we gave some of the ideas on the exercises related to facial fats. And we also shared the bonus tips with you people. However, the exercises that we described above may look funny while performing, but it’s extremely helpful. Consulting with doctors can also be helpful if you are following all the above tips and don’t get benefitted. There might be some other issues that can lead to facial fats.

So that’s all about the facial fat and how to get rid of that. Hope this blog on getting rid of chubby cheeks might help you. And also hope that now facial fat will not bother you. For more articles like this, you can visit our website. There’s also a section that is fully devoted to Health and Fitness, you can visit that too for more such health-related articles. Comment down and let us know if the article was helpful for you. You can also comment on the topics that you want us to elaborate on.

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