How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Home and Yard

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Bats are a very important part of the ecosystem as they help in pollination and pest control. However bats can be dangerous because they are known to transmit a wide range of zoonotic diseases which cause various health risks. So, if you have bats in your yard or home, have them removed as soon as possible to avoid any possible health risks and property damage. However, it is important to note that bats are protected from being harmed under the laws of many US states. This is why it is better to get a good and professional wildlife removal company to help you in getting rid of bats safely and humanely. But if you don’t want to get external help and want to do bat removal yourself, here is how you can do it. 

1. Fill and Seal the Holes and Cracks 

Bats spend their day inside their holes without bothering anyone. In the absence of these holes, they occupy a dark place that provides them with space to live and protection. This is why you will find most bat activity in the chimneys. If not them, you will see them in the attic, and in the holes and cracks through the walls. Eliminating the entry of the bats from these points will help you stay away from them.

It is also said to be the most effective way of stopping the invasion of bats. But if you are already dealing with the presence of bats, make sure that you don’t trap them inside by filling the holes. Experts usually fill the holes with a malleable metal mesh that is difficult for animals to chew but has enough malleability to fit gaps of various sizes. Stuffit Copper Mesh is an excellent option to fill these gaps because it is stain resistant, rustproof, and durable. After filling the hole, use an inflatable foam sealant to fill the remaining small holes of the mesh. 

2. Remove the Sources of Food and Water Outside Your House

Bats normally eat the insects roaming around your house. Ensuring that outdoor lighting is turned off at night can reduce the number of insects in the area. This will gradually decrease the activity of the bats around your house. Another thing that attracts the bats is the birds’ feeding boxes and water they utilize for drinking purposes. If you remove these food sources, you will see a reduction in the movement of bats. 

3. Use a Bat Box

It is undeniable how useful bats are to the ecosystem, as they eat insects such as mosquitoes. Getting rid of bats can increase mosquitoes’ growth which is another problem. However, when you seal all the entry points of bats from your house, you can use a bat box to provide a safe space for the bats. When bats have a convenient space to stay, there is very little chance that they will invade your home. 

4. Install Bright Lights 

We all know that bats are very active during the nighttime. It is mainly because few predators are wandering around in night time and hence bats can roam around freely. But once bats are tired from eating after a long night, they want to have rest. They can’t do that when you install bright lights around their nests. These lights will disturb them, and they will move away from your house in search of a place to sleep.

5. Use an Organic Bat Repellent 

A repellent spray is the best choice if you want a quick solution for gopher removal. These bat repellents are made up of organic synthetic fibers that are unpleasant for bats. When applied to strategic entrances and resting locations, they reduce the growth of bats. One of the famous repellents is the Bonide Bat Magic. It consists of essential oils, spearmint, and peppermint, which produce odors that bats dislike. 


Bats can enter a house through chimneys, vents, gable ends, roof edges, etc. They also cause lots of property damages which is why you must remove them as soon as possible. If you have bats in your house, use any methods shared above and get rid of them safely and humanely to keep yourself and your house protected.