How To Get Best Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons for Free

Best Sites Like KissCartoon

KissCartoon is an online streaming platform that specializes in cartoons and some related content. And like many other streaming sites available on the internet, it doesn’t host any content on its servers. It provides links to third-party hosted videos or movies which can be streamed on its website. 

Do you watch cartoons online using KissCartoon? If so, then you must be aware of the issues with the operation of the KissCartoon. Due to the copyright issues with the cartoon owners, KissCartoon is not an official website. This is why it is blocked in most of the countries around the world. But there are workarounds to that ban. One can easily access the KissCartoon using the proxy or mirror websites. 

KissCartoon Proxy Sites

There are a couple of methods to watch your favorite cartoon on the internet, use the proxy sites. Proxy sites provide the same content on different domain names. 

Apart from proxy sites, you can also use the VPN to access KissCartoon. Yes, go ahead and buy or install VPN software on your computer for free. After that, you will be able to access the KissCartoon website from a server where it is not banned. 


If you are unable to use any of these suggestions, then you should look for alternatives. There are many alternatives to KissCartoon, check out the list given here. 

KissAnime – It Is like a sister site of the KissCartoon and it also specializes in Japanese anime. You can watch these colorful, vibrant, and graphics-heavy cartoons without any hassle on KissAnime. The interface is something similar to the KissCartoon which is why you will feel right at home. 

Thewatchcartoon – If you are looking for a simple version of KissCartoon, then you should head over to this alternative to KissCartoon. You will be able to discover many new cartoons, movies, and more things on its platform. It has a handy search bar that allows the users to easily find what they are looking to watch next. 

AnimeToon – If you like to watch the anime right after its television release, then you should use the AnimeToon website. This is one of the complete websites because it even has an android app. You can easily watch the anime on the go without worrying about the VPN or proxy. But the app is not available on the Google Play Store, you’d have to visit the official website to download the app. 

CartoonExtra – This website has a great layout and could be the perfect destination for streaming. Its library boasts all popular cartoons from Japan and includes some movies and TV shows as well. It also includes some of the popular TV shows in the US. 

AnimeStory – Another great way to watch Japanese anime is via the AnimeStory link. It has content in original as well as dubbed versions. And if you have any complaints about the platform, share them with the team, they will listen in and implement the idea. 

Toonova – You can watch the latest cartoons on Toonova even those who’ve just released on TV. So, if you are a die-hard fan of anime, then Toonova is the best bet for you. And the best part about Toonova is that they provide multiple mirror links to all the episodes in case of failures. 

Nyaa – It is a bittorrent tracker that offers the latest Japanese anime and other Japanese things. So, if you want to download the cartoons on your computer, then Nyaa is the best place for you to explore. You will be okay with the downloads if you have prior experience with torrent websites

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