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Screen printing is a very popular method for designing the high level of vibrancy on the fabric. In this method of printing a thick layer of ink is applied to the screen as compared to other printing methods, which result in brighter colours even on darker fabric.

This method is also called silk screen printing. Not only can you print your business logo, but also social messages, offers, contests etc. that you want to advertise. This method helps to promote your business and make a unique identity.  Many famous brands like Nike, Adidas use this method of printing to print their logo on the t-shirt. There are so many companies taking this printing to the next level by creating an attractive t- shirt design. Designing a logo for print depends on the client’s demand and specification like- colour, fabric. The final design and the colour must reach client demands, as it will be printing on the t -shirt. Screen printing in Tracy is very popular for printing brand t-shirts and uniforms.

How Does It Work

Let’s analyse how screen printing in Tracy works. It is not like Direct-to-garment printing. In this type of printing, once you decide the design, then the mesh screen is used to print the design as ink pressing over the screen. After that the design is set onto the emulsion-coated screen. Strong light effect is used to harden the emulsion, only the design remains in the liquid form because it is covered by the screen. To create a multi coloured product more colour is included in the design then another screen used to apply every layer of ink. Once it is set perfectly, the ink is passed over the screen. The ink on the shirt is passed through a dryer. After the product dry it washed to remove the extra residue. The final product is ready to pack and to pass on to the owner.

Benefits of Screen Printing-

  1. Screen printing is very popular and extremely cost efficient.
  2. It is more durable for prints and gives high quality output than other traditional methods.
  3. This type of printing can be used on different print materials, textiles, signs, wood, including glass, banners, electronics, etc.
  4. It’s an easy method to print on specified areas of the material.

This method doesn’t require tough customization and is more suitable for bulk orders. Get in touch with C&C Design today to discuss design and requirements in more detail.

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