Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Airport Car rentals

Airport rent a car

Car rental service now a day is a common practice that is more convenient for you if you are travelling alone or with your family.  It provides you with better option of travelling and family trips, in somehow affordable rates and hygienic conditions. But the major question arising here is whether you are going for “On-Airport” or “Off Airport” car rental. That is important to understand because it can make a huge difference in the end for you.

    You need to consider and understand these two options before booking a car because these options will make a huge difference for you at the end.

Airport rent a car

“On-Airport” car rental basically provides you with an option to collect the car by yourself. When you land on an airport after your flight you have to get in queue on car rental desk on airport to get the car that is parked on the airport terminal.

In “Off-Airport” car rental your car is located away from the airport terminal on a short distance. You have to travel that distance by some car or bus to reach at your rented car destination.

What you need to do?

Less known sites:

Firstly you need to check for a cheaper car rental service around the airport. Then fall on conclusion by this that whether you will go for On-Airport rent a car service or Off-Airport. For Off-Airport service you must check out agencies which are less known by the public because these agencies will provide you service with much cheaper rates than the others.

Avoid insured cars:

Many of the banks provide you with facility of car insurance along with credit card. So you need to check which kind of insurance coverage you have on your card so that you can use it for your rental car and then you don’t have to purchase additional insurance on the car from the rental car agency.

Go for economy cars:

Next you need to know the exact no of passengers and your area of travelling, to know what kind of car you should book. Secondly as everyone prefer automatic vehicles over manual due to easiness that it brings then you must go for manual one if you are a professional driver. So if you want to save money then rent a manual and economy car.

Location of Vehicle:

Some Off-Airport car rental agencies provide you with shuttle bus service to take you to your car destination. But that would be preferable if you not book any car at the location of airport, by doing so you have to pay extra charges charge by the agency.

Keep accessories:

You must have your extras with you in both cases, like you can use Google maps from your phone instead of purchasing GPS services from agency to save your cost a bit. If you are travelling with small kids then you must bring child seat with you.

Duration of car renting:

Duration and timeline of different agencies varied according to their terms and conditions. You need to check the per day and week rates of the agency. If you want to book car for 3 to 4 days then you must book it for at least a week and you can return the car early.

There are many agents in the market providing you with best options but if you want to make your trip memorable and more comfortable then Haririi rent a car will be the best option for you due to its magnificent facilities, professional and cooperative staff and high end performing cars that will surely make your next trip unforgettable for you and your family.

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