Super easy way to fix scratches on your car

way to fix scratches

It is easy for a car to get scratches, and if you are a lousy driver like every third person in the United States. The causes can vary, either it is wrong parking positions, some random kid nails your car for fun, or you get your car into trouble.

The cause of the scratches and damage to the vehicle can be anything. A single small scratch is more than enough to dwindle the overall condition of your new car. It will completely change the look of your car.

Now, in the case your car has those scratches, you will get frustrated by thinking about the extra money you would have to spend on a new paint job and repair in the workshop.

It is not a matter to worry about the damage if you are taking care of your vehicle. If you are getting nervous about doing a paint job you can just go and visit some dealers and workshop owners such as Briggs Fort Scott andHyundai Of Silsbee to get your car work done.

According to how deep the scratches are, we can use multiple DIY tricks to get rid of these scratches quickly and without a hassle.

Using Toothpaste:

It is the most common and effective DIY trick for scratch removal. If the scratch is not very deep, then you can easily remove it by using toothpaste. Generally, we use a quarter-sized amount.

After washing and drying the scratched surface, you need to take a microfiber towel, put the paste on it and rub it circularly. Rinse the extra toothpaste with a mild water shower. The disadvantage of this method is that it can cause damage to the paint of your car while dealing with scratches. Indirectly, it will increase the service charges. Therefore, it is advised by professionals and experts to not use it until the scratch is wide. 

Using Shoe Polish:

This is the second-best cheap DIY to get rid of those scratches without breaking a sweat. It is also applicable if the scratches are not too deep. For surface scratches, shoe polish can do miracles, you need to do mild sanding on the scratched area after washing it and apply the polish paste.

Rub it in a circular motion with a microfiber towel, after just a couple of minutes of handwork, you are good to go.

A basic paint job at home:

If the scratches are deep, the above methods will not work. You need to get at least a paint and wax kit at your home. First, you need to examine how deep the scratch is. If it is more than two layers deep, then it is time for you to give up and go to the nearest car workshop.

Experts are trained to deal with the small and large scratches of the cars. They will remove it completely without leaving small evidence.

But if it is shallower than that, first wash and dry the scratched area, then sand it gently and carefully. After sanding, you need to apply the coating according to the layers. After the paint is dried, polish it with some car wash, and you are good to go.

Using Scotch Tape and Nail Paint:

This method to fix the scratches on your car is very effective and doesn’t require much hard work. You can grab some thin scotch tape and nail paint that matches your ride’s exterior paint.

This DIY method is super easy and effective if done neatly. Just cut a small piece of scotch tape according to the scratch size and apply it on top of the visible scratched area. Apply the nail paint thoroughly, and your vehicle is scratch-free in mere seconds. This method works on any kind of scratches no matter surface or deep.

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