Best Tactics To Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Error

fix hp laptop touchpad

HP laptops are famous among the globe for their rich features and budget-friendly costs. These laptops are highly reliable and you can easily carry your device anywhere. Laptops provide touchpads so the user doesn’t need to use any external pointing device. But if the touchpad of your HP laptop stops working and you don’t have any other pointing device then you may have to face some difficulties. There are few manual techniques for resolving the laptop touchpad error.

Resolving HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Error

Try using Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

Windows provides a troubleshooter tool which can restore the corrupted and broken files. You can use the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter tool by following the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Type Control Panel on your Windows search bar
  3. Press the Enter button
  4. Go to Control Panel page and click on System & Security
  5. Choose Security and Maintenance option
  6. Click on Troubleshooting option
  7. Go to Hardware and Sound

Click on the Troubleshoot button and the troubleshooter tool will start fixing the touchpad error. Wait until the Windows hardware troubleshooter tool completes the scanning process. Now restart your HP laptop and check whether your touchpad is working or not.

Update your HP laptop Touchpad Drivers

Your touchpad can also show the error when the drivers get outdated. You need to update your driver regularly for working without any error. When your touchpad shows an error, check for the driver updates. If you see a new update for your touchpad then install it instantly. You can iourchiver by following the steps given below:

  1. Press and hold the Win and R keys
  2. Type control panel and press the Enter button
  3. Navigate to Mice and other pointing devices
  4. On the page, right-click on touchpad
  5. Click on the Properties option
  6. Choose the Driver tab
  7. Click on the Disable button and then again click on enable button

Now click on Search automatically for updated driver software option and you will be redirected to a webpage. Follow the on-screen instructions and your touchpad driver will start updating. Wait for completing the touchpad driver update tool and then restart your device. Now try to use the touchpad and check whether it’s working or not.

Inspect the mouse settings

Sometimes the user changes the mouse settings unknowing which can lead to the error. You can check the mouse settings and restore the setting accordingly. Follow the given steps for checking the Mouse settings:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Choose Hardware and Sound
  4. Now click on the Mouse icon
  5. Right-click on the Mouse icon and choose Properties.

Make sure the checkbox of Touchpad is enabled. If not then enable your Touchpad immediately. You will get a touchpad confirmation on the screen, click on the confirm button. Now close the Control Panel window and try to use the touchpad.

Reinstall your touchpad drivers

If your touchpad drivers are not updating and showing error messages then you need to reinstall the driver. HP laptop touchpad drivers are available on the HP website. Go to the web browser and navigate to the HP website. Now you have to provide the model number or a serial number of your laptop. From the list of drivers, choose touchpad driver. Now download and install the touchpad driver on your HP device. After installing the touchpad driver, restart your device and check whether your touchpad is now working or not.

Remove the malware

There are some malicious programs which can damage your files and can interrupt various functions. Along with the touchpad, many users reported that they are getting HP laptop plugged in not charging error. Sometimes scanning your HP laptop can also troubleshoot your touchpad related errors. Scan the HP device with a good anti-malware and then check for the error. In case the error is appearing due to the broken windows files then you can use the Windows file checker tool for restoring the corrupted files. You can also ask the HP technical team for resolving touchpad error.

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