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Message pop-ups have made our life simpler (or perhaps not). They save us time by informing us as to whether something merits our complete consideration while ensuring that we’re not passing up basic updates. Be that as it may, at times these cautions for certain applications probably won’t fill in as wanted. One such application that has continually given individuals a cerebral pain in regards to notices is the Facebook application.

Facebook customer service

At the point when push alarms quit chipping away at the Facebook Android application, one quits getting the sound cautions. Nonetheless, when you open the Facebook application, it shows the quantity of warnings regularly on the notice symbol. Fundamentally, one needs to open the application to see new warnings. Baffling, no? If you are looking for instant help then you can also contact Facebook customer service here you will get professionals help. Or below are some points which may help you in such.

Stress not. In this post, we will reveal to you six successful answers for Facebook notices not dealing with Android.


This is the principal thing that you should check in the event that you are confronting the notice issue. Android has an inherent warning setting for applications. You can turn warnings on and off for individual applications straightforwardly from the telephone settings.

In some cases, notwithstanding, you’ll see that the application warnings are killed. This could occur because of some bug in the framework brought about by an application or for some other obscure explanation. Furthermore, at whatever point this occurs, the push cautions quit appearing.

To check whether application warnings are turned on for Facebook, follow these means:

  • Tap Settings on your telephone followed by Apps or Apps and warnings.
  • Under Apps, tap Facebook. At that point hit App warnings.
  • On the following screen, ensure warnings are turned on. On the off chance that notices are off, tap the switch to turn them on. On telephones running Android 9.0 and higher, you will discover warning classifications. Check if those are empowered. Tap on every class name like remarks, labels, companion demands, and so on Check whether all necessary settings like sound, fly on screen, and so forth, are empowered.


Notwithstanding Android’s underlying warning settings for applications, the greater part of the applications accompany their own notice settings as well. The equivalent is the situation with the Facebook application. You can change, empower, or handicap warning settings from inside the Facebook application.

Assuming message pop-ups are debilitated in the Facebook application, that could be the explanation behind your difficulty. Consequently, we need to check the Facebook notice settings.

To do as such, open the Facebook application on your Android telephone and tap the three-bar symbol in the upper right corner. Look down and extend Settings and Privacy. Tap on Settings.

Tap on Notification settings. You will see different sorts of warning classes. Tap on each and ensure Push is empowered.

Additionally look down and you will discover the ‘Where you get notices’ part. Tap on Push and ensure different settings inside it are empowered.


Another inherent Android setting that could be answerable for the warning issue is the information limitation. Whenever empowered, applications don’t synchronize information behind the scenes, which brings about no message pop-ups.

To check if foundation information sync is dynamic for the Facebook application, go to Apps under the telephone Settings. Tap Facebook followed by Data use/Mobile information and Wi-Fi. Search for the Background information alternative. It ought to be empowered. In the event that it’s killed, tap the switch to turn it on.

4. CLEAR CACHE                                              

Clearing application reserve may work for certain clients, contingent upon the gadget they’re utilizing and the settings they have on it. Try it out, you may luck out. Here’s the manner by which to go about it.

To reset the application reserve for the Facebook application, go to Apps under telephone Settings. Search for Facebook. At that point tap Storage. Under Storage, tap Clear Cache. Restart telephone. In the event that that doesn’t work, tap on Clear information/Storage. Discover what happens when you clear the information of the Facebook application.


For certain clients, the issue may be account-explicit and not identified with a gadget. Which means, in the event that they sign in utilizing another Facebook account on their telephone, they will begin getting message pop-ups. Be that as it may, they don’t get the warnings on their own gadget neither on some other telephone.

To fix this issue, follow these means:

  • Go to Facebook on your work area and tap the little down bolt present at the upper right corner and select Settings from the menu.
  • From the left sidebar, click on Security and login. Under Where you’re signed in, click on See More.
  • Scroll down and click Log out of all meetings. This will log you out from every one of the endorsed in gadgets.
  • Sign in to Facebook from your telephone. You ought to have the option to get message pop-ups.

Star TIP: You can likewise have a go at resetting your Facebook secret phrase. This will likewise log you out from every one of the enrolled gadgets.


Frequently the issue is with the Facebook application. There may be some bugs in the application. You should refresh the application from the Play Store.


Now and again, even battery saver mode influences the pop-up messages. You should handicap battery saver mode on your Android telephone. For that, go to Settings > Battery. Handicap Battery saver. On Samsung telephones, ensure the Facebook application isn’t included dozing applications. For that, go to Settings > Device care > Battery > App power the board > Sleeping applications.

8. Eliminate SD CARD

Some Samsung Galaxy telephone clients have recommended that eliminating SD card from their telephone fixed the notice issue for the Facebook application. Do check it out if your telephone underpins a memory card.


You ought to likewise have a go at resetting settings or application inclinations on your Android telephone. That won’t erase any close to home information of yours. Just settings, for example, application consents, default applications, and so forth, will be returned to their unique qualities. You should set them once more. Discover in detail what occurs by resetting application inclinations on Android.

To reset application inclinations, go to Settings > System/General Management > Reset > Reset application inclinations or Reset settings relying upon the alternative accessible.


In the event that the issue endures, it’s an ideal opportunity to erase the Facebook application. Uninstalling the Facebook application won’t erase your record or posts. Know in detail what happens when you uninstall the Facebook application. Once uninstalled, restart the telephone. At that point introduce the application again from the Play Store.


In the event that nothing from what was just mentioned arrangements work, you can have a go at utilizing either the Facebook Lite application or the versatile site. Both send you notices and are lightweight. On the off chance that you need to find out about the Facebook Lite application, check this point by point examination.

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