How To Fix Epic Cake Fails?

Baking is a favourite for many. Whether you are baking it for the first or nth time you can have ‘cake wrecks’. Many times your cake can turn into an absolute disaster but there are a few tricks from which you can make those disasters into a win-win situation for you. So, now there is no need to waste ingredients, waste cake, or waste your time.  Here are the easy five to follow for repairing those flopped cakes. 

1. The base of the cake is a hero

The simplest and most effective way for fixing broken cakes is by using the base of the cake. Yes, just gently flip your broken cake upside down. This way, you are utilizing the cake bottom as the top of the cake. All you need to do is, just use the cake bottoms to get a natural and smooth finish. Now, decorate your cake by using gems and sprinkles with delicious liquid chocolate. 

epic cake fails

2. Make cake croutons or crumbs

If you are thinking of using those spoilers or crushed cake. Then, heat your oven at 300° F. Line a baking sheet by using parchment paper. Now, cube or crumble the cake then spread a layer over the fully prepared baking sheet. Toast these croutons or cake crumbles are crisp and dry. Cool them fully then for a few days you can store these in an airtight container. So, you got yummy cake crumbles now which you could top over cupcakes, ice cream. You can even have them on your breakfast, milkshakes, or salads.

You can microwave those flop cake pieces to make flavorful rusks. Or cut the flop up then lay cake pieces over the baking tray. Microwave this in an oven at 100°C and leave it out till it’s dried out and crunchy.  Fold the broken cake to the ice cream. Or you can frost this leftover cake pudding too. 

3. Frosting a cake

Have a cake that is broken, then try to frost the damaged cake twice. Ensure your first frosting is quite thin then spread it simple. So, despite panicking after seeing a broken cake, microwave a tub of frosting for 10 – 20 seconds. After it is soft, then spread it on the cake covering whole crumbs in the icing. This is known as ‘crumb coating’. Cool this completely then set this aside. If you want to refrigerate this, that’s also a better option.  When it’s firm, frost as you normally do.

4. Make cake pops

If you have any overbaked cakes or have a broken or dry cake that needs to be fixed then Cake pops is a better option. You don’t need to put a stick to these, you can have it easily with truffles. Wondering how to do this? Just break your destroyed cake. Yeah, break the cake then blend it by using jam or frosting. Now, roll these into a bite-sized ball and also refrigerate them. If you want to make it fancier then dip these cake pops in the chocolate and enjoy it cheerily. 

5. Don’t waste

If you have a baked cake that you can’t use now, then you don’t need to eat it all away or throw it.  As you can store any cake, either stale or not, to repurpose new delicacies. Firstly, separate the cake’s layers then scrape away those fillings and icing. Then, cut the cake evenly, then arrange those slices over a pan. Bake these at a low setting, or dehydrate them till they are dry. Now, you deal these pieces in an airtight box in crumbs or pieces. Now keep them in the pantry or freezer till you need them.

6. Fixing a heavy cake

Does your cake feel heavier than the solution based on cake texture? If your cake is soggy and dense from the fruit or moist content, you can change it to a pudding. You can cool these or reheat them like a pudding for dessert. Add smooth slides in ice cream or custard.

Turn it into a slice for dessert. If the cake is heavier,  the heart of the cake sinks. Try to slice it, and brush it with butter or oil. Stop doubling the ingredients for those recipes which give a cake-like taste. Few recipes create the best cakes in the 1×1 proportions yet turn out to be gluggy and heavy.

7. Recovery dry or stale cake

Cut it thinly then include butter. Try to pierce the cake and Sprinkle fruit juice on the cake. Wrap these in a. plastic bag and leave this moistened for two or three days. Include a cut of the bread in a cake container. Place a lid then let it rest for two days.

 After you open it, you can find that the bread got all the moisture from the cake. You can make balls from the stale cakes. Divide a dry cake in half. Make a syrup by dissolving  2oz sugar in 3 tablespoons of water and adding two tablespoons of fruit juice to it. Now, brush the syrup on the sponge cake, and top it with fruit or cream. Cut the stale fruit cake to pieces then saute in the butter. 

Hope you found the answer to your cake failure. Now you can turn those can turn into a tasty and cake fails dessert. And that’s what we call a plan, what do you say? What do you say?