How to Find Student Accommodation in Exeter

Student accommodation near the University of Exeter

Known for its beautiful surroundings and a unique mix of city and rural life, Exeter in the UK has a lot to offer to students. It is home to the prestigious University of Exeter – known for its teaching and research facilities. The city in general has a thriving community of international students from 140 different countries.

If you are planning to get your education at this diverse university, you must think of student accommodation near University of Exeter. This article will take you through some of the best student homes in Exeter and the benefits the city has to offer.


Exeter provides students a chance to enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle along with the breathtaking landscape of South West England. From its reputed universities to its sandy beaches, here’s why you should choose Exeter for your studies abroad.

Top Notch University

The University of Exeter has been ranked in the UK’s top 15 universities. It is best known for its courses in Marine sciences, ancient history, anthropology among others. It has a diverse international student community and excellent research amenities. The University campus is located right in the heart of the city centre allowing students to get their fill of exploration. Student accommodation near the University of Exeter also offers a range of amenities to students for a comfortable life.

Student accommodation near the University of Exeter

Promising Opportunities

The University of Exeter has a commendable employability rate with 95% of its students finding work within 6 months of graduation. The city’s close proximity to London also attracts lucrative opportunities. With the capital city only 200 miles away, Exeter attracts reputed companies every year for placement purposes. Not to mention that the University of Exeter has produced alumni like Harry Potter author J.K Rowling and Oscar winner Robert Bolt among others.

Mix of Heritage and Modernity

What makes Exeter unique is its blend of the old and the new. From contemporary restaurants and music festivals to heritage churches and cultural events, there is something for everyone here. The University is just a walking distance from some of the trendiest hangout spots in the city. Student accommodation near University of Exeter connects you with the city centre and other interesting areas.

Safe and Secure Environment

Despite its growing population every year, Exeter has one of the lowest crime rates in all of the UK. It is a safe and secure city with a friendly community. Student accommodation near the University of Exeter has security measures like CCTV, secure door entry that ensures your safety.


There are a range of affordable and convenient accommodations near the university. Two of them have been discussed here along with their amenities.

The Neighbourhood Exeter

Neighbourhood Exeter is a prime student accommodation that is close to both the campuses of the University of Exeter. It is conveniently located with the nearest bus stop at a spitting distance. The Neighbourhood Exeter also connects you with the closest train stations, fairs, markets and trendy cafes. It is a fully furnished student accommodation with both private spaces and communal facilities. The Neighbourhood Exeter is perfect when it comes to finishing your assignments in peace. The common lounge, board games, gym and cinema rooms ensure you never feel bored during your stay here.

The Neighbourhood Exeter has fully equipped studios, ensuites and premium rooms to suit your needs and requirements.

Point Exe Exeter

Point Exe Exeter is a modern student accommodation located close to the main campus of the University of Exeter. The student accommodation is fully furnished with state of the art facilities. Point Exe Exeter connects you to the nearest transit points, hangout spots, restaurants and retail outlets. You can choose from ensuite rooms to studios, all made to suit your budget. Visit national parks, go for hikes and trails from Point Exe Exeter. It is the ideal place to connect with your friends and peers. Point Exe Exeter organises cultural events all year round – something very unique to this particular student accommodation.

If you decide to study abroad in this land of opportunities, be sure to check out student accommodation near University of Exeter. Confirm with your agent regarding the amenities offered at the accommodation.

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