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Even if you better prepare for your move, there is one basic thing you will need on moving Day: moving assistance. That is to say, the arms that will carry your furniture, cardboard and other trinkets. The choice of the solution is often a question of budget, the moving company, to the family, friends passing by occasional movers who just come in and help out with services like Help. There are a number of solutions to help you move, which we will review here. Whether you’re moving to a city where you do not know anyone or you’re missing a pair of arms from your friends. Like our other moving guides mistakes to avoid when packing moving boxes, find all our tips and tricks to find help for moving quickly, even at the last minute

It’s no secret, moving out can be stressful. With the various preparations, the boxes to pack, the organization of all the little details. You can quickly feel overwhelmed. One of the problems to manage (the list is long) is to find the people to carry the boxes and other sofa. Good news There are many ways to get help moving.  Nobody can move completely alone. We will certainly not refuse more Arms to move to pack and transport cartons, take care of the “belongings” in the moving truck. If you plan to move very soon, discover some practical tips that will allow you to know how you could quickly find moving aids.


Arms to move is good, but how much exactly? What would be the ideal number of people to help you move all your belongings? This may seem difficult to quantify.

Whether you call a professional mover House Removals Twickenham or friends to help you move, it will be essential to choose the number of extra arms that you really need depending on the volume of your business. Call friends and the estimate will be like a wet finger in the wind, call on the pros and you’ll never really know if the team of 5 movers that you were sold was really necessary or if the company has added a little to weigh down the note.

Everything will depend on the overall volume to move, to have an estimate I advise you to refer to this simulator that will allow you to know roughly the volume you have to move (and incidentally know what type of truck you need). So of course, you have to add “malus” to these estimates if you have 7 floors without elevator or 1km of way between the housing and the truck.

  • Below 20 m3: the classic city moving for a not too crowded F2 or an average studio. There it is technically possible to 2, just to have someone at each end of the couch, but you will suffer, it is better to be at least 3,4 help movers.
  • 20 to 40 m3: Here we are in a good move, like a good F3 for example. Between 4 and 6 sturdies, and the contents of the accommodation will be in the truck in half a day.
  • 40 to 80 m3: for these “BIG” moves, a team of 6 to 8 pairs of arms and more will be the minimum, and preferably not fragile back, if you want to finish loading the truck before the night.


It’s so beautiful that friends are the ideal moving aids. “Pushed” by the emotional bond that unites you, the refusal to help you is often a hard decision to take and assume, but if some dream. And for you this can significantly reduce your budget, no professional movers to constitute the moving help team you need.  But knowing the investment it represents for others, it is not always easy to ask his family this service.

How to ask? How to encourage them to help you, motivate them or thank them after the move?

There are some methods to apply like:

  • Do not wait until the last minute to ask them
  • Do not ask for help with the move if you never do it
  • Ask them for help individually, such as a personal service
  • Provide a pleasant and organized experience, so that they do not blame you for death, and this service is ultimately a good memory.
  • Respect their time, they probably have better to do their weekend than to watch you do the cartons that you should have finished the day before.
  • Show your gratitude
  • Plan to eat and drink, not for them, but for them to be more efficient.


The last way to get help with moving is to use House Removal Fulham.  Specialized in this task, they usually have all the necessary accessories and equipment to facilitate your move and especially guarantee it. Experienced, professional movers are the ones to contact if you want to move in absolute serenity, their services are often accompanied by guarantees. By against tariff level you will leave some feathers. But how to make the right choice among the plurality and diversity of offers offered by these professional movers?

To sort out all these proposals, it is recommended to make a price comparison by asking a quote to each specialized moving company. Moreover, this quote is free and easily accessible to give you an idea of ​​prices and moving services offered.  Be careful with the removal comparator, as they do not sort through a complete list of offers, so you will need to “compare comparators” and ask for a few quotes to find the best price. It is also important to know that there are different types of help services to move. Indeed, there are companies that offer help for the removal of individuals locally, long distance, for the relocation of companies, those who propose the move to the international.

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