Gojek Clone – Enhancing Your Business with New Services and Features

Gojek Clone

When Gojek first launched in 2010, there were just 20 motorcycle drivers offering on-demand bike rides to customers. The Indonesian company soon distinguished itself from its rivals by forgoing cars in favor of scooters and motorcycles to avoid severe traffic bottlenecks. The Gojek app’s services got comprehensive & hassle-free thanks to this amazing innovation. Later, the company added food delivery and courier services to its list of services. Customers can currently access more than 20 services from Gojek with a single app. Simply said, Gojek changed its economic model to one based on mega apps, and the rest is history. We strongly advise you to develop the Best Gojek Clone App if you run a multi-service firm and wish to scale growth. 

Gojek App Clone Script is a tried-and-true solution that will continually produce exponential profits for your business. 

What Is The Future Of All In One On-demand Multi-services App like Gojek?

Super applications have emerged as a reprieve as the digital and physical worlds progressively converge; they provide several day-to-day answers and convenience in both our personal and professional life.

In the Asian market, well-known mega applications like Gojek have already built a place for themselves. However, a sizable percentage of the world market continues to crave fresh competitors, particularly in the North American and European markets.

And you might be that!

What Makes Gojek Clone of V3Cube Exclusive From The Rest?

This multi services app comes encompasses a wide range of services and the latest features and functionalities to provide a seamless, pleasant experience to your users. It is very rare to find a Super App accommodating 101+ services in a single app. 

The New Service and Feature Components include:

Medical Services

This New Feature is the most current to be added to the Gojek App Clone Script. On-demand Medical Services were created to offer speedy medical care with just a few taps. With the use of the services, customers will be able to connect instantly to the closest blood bank, as well as their doctor, veterinarian, nurse, and physiotherapist.

Online Video Consultation

This feature of the app now enables users to consult with specialists online via chat or video conferencing rather than visiting them in person or having them come to your home. This approach allows for the consultation of experts like trainers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and others.

Service Bid 

The users of the previous app had to pick the service providers based on their listings. The new tool, however, also gives users the option to approach it differently. They can now decide to make sure that their job demand is simply posted on the app. Local service providers who are interested in the position may submit a bid. Based on the price they have provided for these services, the user may now choose the service provider.

Delivery Genie

The Gojek clone app , KingX Pro, has a very intriguing function. With the help of this feature, a user can hire a delivery rune to ensure that they can handle tasks like picking up the laundry, getting their lunch, and other similar errands.

Taxi booking using the iWatch App

Now that you can enable your iWatch users to easily book their taxis using their wearable smartwatches, getting a taxi is much simpler for them! To guarantee that the Apple Watch app functions flawlessly and your clients can benefit from the simplicity of booking a cab right from their iWatch, we’ve added some of the best features available in this sector.

In Conclusion

One of the most important developments in the field of on-demand mobile apps is the Gojek Clone app. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering this software for their businesses. A result of the advancement of modern technology is KingX Pro update for the Gojek clone software, which has enhanced it and raised user interest in it. If you want to fully utilize the potential of this software, now is the time to invest the necessary funds and grow your company.