embed tiktok videos on shopify
embed tiktok videos on shopify

TikTok: Many millennials would relate to a hit song from the singer Kesha, but for GenZ, it is a go-to platform. Launched in 2016, it has made a name for itself in just a short span of time. With over 689 million active users, it now stands as one of the prominent social media platforms. 

There is no doubt that TikTok has engaging content and keeps the viewers hooked for a long time, and hence many Shopify merchants are using TikTok on their Shopify stores.

It not only increases the visuals of your website but also engages the visitors. That eventually helps businesses increase their website traffic and instil interest in products in the minds of their visitors.

A brief about TikTok

TikTok is a video-based social media platform that allows users to upload bite-sized videos. Call it the impact of the internet or our fast lives, that the attention span of individuals has now reduced and they now prefer watching short videos.

These videos do not consume much time of their viewers and provide short, entertaining, and engaging videos. And as the videos’ time duration is less, the makers of the videos try to give the information in a summarized and highlighted manner that draws the viewers’ attention. And as they are less time-consuming, viewers prefer to watch them.

The popularity of TikTok is enormous, and a user spends on average 52 minutes per day on the app (Source: BusinessofApps Stats). Making it one of the most used platforms in the world. Due to the high user base and short duration videos, it has emerged as one of the essential platforms for the marketers as they can now attain more audience and provide the needed information in a limited time.

And as businesses now have the facility to embed TikTok videos on Shopify stores, they are now using this opportunity to great use to market their products and, at the same time, increase the visuals and functionality of their store.

After all, in this digital world, every business wants to be presentable and establish an online presence that helps them attract visitors and enhances their reputation. Because in this age of the internet, websites and online stores stand as representatives of the brand.

With the help of various Shopify apps from the Shopify app store, you can easily embed TikTok videos on the website. Here are a few ideas to use to gain more traffic on the website, enhance the grace of your store and eventually spark an interest in the minds of the target and potential customers.

Tips For Engaging Consumers By Using TikTok Videos On Shopify

With the help of Shopify apps, you can easily embed TikTok videos on your store, and with the help of TikTok videos, you can engage your visitors. It is an efficient strategy to enhance the store’s beauty, get more visitors and eventually attain more sales.

1. Provide needed and highlighted information about your products

Running an online store, your priority should be to attain sales and attain sales, and you need to provide your customers with the required information and convey your message about how your product can change consumers’ lives.

While you are producing a video on TikTok, make sure you utilize the given duration and fill the video with information that can convince your visitors to make a purchase from your brand; while making the TikTok video about your product, try to mention the exceptional quality of your product, its usage and how customers can get it. 

By embedding these videos on Shopify, you can provide a fair idea to your visitors about your products.

2. Create hype for upcoming products

As the duration of the videos does not last more than a minute. You can use this opportunity to create hype for your upcoming products. For example, you can launch a teaser about it, provide the launch date, or show the cost of the product.

3. Run a hashtag campaign

Hashtags have changed the marketing scenarios and have taken advertising to a new level. And as social media platforms have the facility to boost the reach using hashtags, businesses are utilizing this to a great extent. For example, while uploading TikTok videos on the platform and embedding them on the website, you can run a hashtag campaign and even ask your viewers to make videos using your hashtag. It will help you to capture more audience and can help your product to get more audience.

4. Make How-to videos

In recent times “How-to” videos have managed to break the internet and set the trend. You can jump on this trend and provide a tutorial about the usage of your product. And as you will be able to display on your Shopify store, your viewers will be able to understand your product better.


TikTok is an influential social media platform with a high user base, and as it has limited time for each content, it is more likely to get traction. After all, videos have a longer shelf time and stay fresh in the viewers’ minds. So make maximum use of the platform by embedding TikTok posts on your Shopify store and enjoy the fantastic benefits it offers.

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