I need money desperately! How to earn fast cash online?

Stock trading

2020 was a year of major ups and downs, both emotionally and financially. At the same time, this year taught us a lot of valuable lessons. In this article, we are going to cover only the financial aspect of the lessons we learned in 2020.

Lockdowns were everywhere. people sitting ideally at home, wondering when they will get back to work and start earning. It was during the lockdowns that we realized the importance of having online sources of income.

Many big business tycoons have told their followers to start making money online as soon as possible. According to recent market reports, online businesses are taking shape in the modern economy quickly. This is because an online business can be operated anywhere, despite the global pandemic.

 Don’t feel sad if you haven’t started a side hustle yet, then. “It’s better to be late than never”. We will guide you on how to make a new source of income. Now you must be thinking about the ways, to begin with, right?

To all the readers to want money desperately, and are looking for a source to generate fast cash while sitting at home, then here are few ways of doing it:


DIGITAL MARKETING is one of the fastest-growing industries in the modern world. Therefore, companies are looking for someone who can manage their business and generate leads for companies using online platforms.

Digital marketing comprises of copywriting, graphics designing and social media marketing, canva (Photoshop), etc.  Digital marketer uses these tools for marketing and helps their clients benefit from the same. If you are someone who likes marketing and has the relevant skills required, then you will be able to generate a lot of income using a digital marketing platform.


To be able to get a decent job with a reasonable salary, an individual requires additional skills apart from his academic qualifications. That is why a lot of us seek online certification courses to enhance our CV and land a job. Online courses have a variety of advantages, like, easy accessibility, cost benefits, no time lost on traveling, etc.

If you are someone who wants to earn money by sharing your knowledge with others at a reasonable cost, then this is the best fit for you. What you have to do is to create online lessons on your favorite topic and sell it to people who are looking for the same. There are various websites, where you can sell courses. You can also create your website for selling your courses.


 If you cannot do digital marketing it is okay we got your back. We have another source of passive income for you.  Without proper knowledge you should never get into this, else you might end up losing a sufficient sum.

Yes, we are talking about Stock trading. Stock trading means buying the share of a company for a price and then selling it at a profit. The process of buying and selling is fully online. To become a stock trader you will be required to open a trading account with a broker.

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Another way of generating fast cash is to publish your book electronically. If you like writing and want to share your valuable thoughts through books or newsletters, then this is a very reliable income for you. Publish your ebook once and then get paid whenever someone buys your book.

To start with, first, decide which topic you want to write about. Then look for different online platforms where you can advertise your book and encourage people to buy it. This is a very viable option for generating passive sources because e-books are becoming popular among people. The reason behind this is that ebooks are cheaper than physical books. Also, it can be read even during the night without disturbing other people’s sleep. So go on to write your book and publish it.


In today’s world graphic designing, video editing, photoshops are a few of the most requested skills. If you possess those skills then this is a must-grab opportunity for you. A lot of people who are either vlogging or blogging or have a youtube page are constantly in need of a person with the above-mentioned skills.

These are the top few ideas to generate fast cash online that have great demand in today’s business environment. Any person starting an online source of income from among these will be benefitted. As a piece of advice, be patient. No matter if you are running your business offline or online, it will take time to set up and generate expected returns. So don’t feel demotivated if the profits do not come running in the short run. They will eventually, so don’t lose hope.

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