How to Develop a Social Media Strategy That Drives Brand Awareness & ROI

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Is your content on social media really making any difference? 

A study states that 94% of bloggers get clicks and visitors on social media (Orbit Media). 

It means that social media is actually a difference-maker to your likes, subscribers, followers, and online traffic. 

Unfortunately, not all are able to get visitors in the same way as Brian Dean or Neil Patel on their posts. Like them, there are many experts or any social media marketing agency that can let people drive to your brand or services through effective social media strategies. 

Let’s make it easier for those who want to discover the secret of success on social media. 

1.Breaking News Get Eyeballs 

When it comes to circulating breaking news, social media excels. 

Over 50% of people learn it from there. The interesting fact is that 65% of traditional media reporters and editors also use Facebook and LinkedIn.(

Now, be attentive to circulate it at the right time. Avoid waiting for the right time to spread it all around. 

Here, consider one thing-if it’s concerned with your business or domain. If yes, go ahead and share right away. 

Before that, ensure that your audience is there to read online. 


It’s simply because every social platform, especially Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, makes it a big hit for a time being. This boost to your post is temporary.

You may also add a press release, job openings, and event poster with a short link to tag. Integrate the landing page, whose linking and the page itself should be optimized.  

There is another way.

You may add some fascinating facts and stats. This method is typically the right fit for microblogging social media called Twitter. 

There, sharing just a graph of your upping revenue or popularity can prove a turning point. These are actually visuals whose attraction power is irresistible. 

This technique would help you to attract eyes in no time, get engaged for a moment, and get likes swiftly. 

2.Switch to Visual Media 

Post a visual media and a text-based message.

Notice the difference in clicks, engagement, and likes. Visual posts will certainly appear winners by all means. 

To go the extra mile, you may upload native content. Keep it short for different objectives, so the readers can engage with it. Their excitement and thrill will push them to share or retweet, 

Be attentive to its title and the count of characters.

Twitter likes only 240 or 280 characters long posts with any visual, whereas LinkedIn supports a mini-blog. Include all sensational things within 100-200 words because these are enough to engage.

Posting a long story is of minimum value. 

3.Use Hashtag Tool to Attract Relevant Post 

Hashing refers to mapping objects in the algorithm, which is used to narrow down searches by locating the hashed terms.  

It won’t do anything special to your social post. But, you can draw more similar types of social media posts. This is possible if you find the right hashtag for your post. 

 You may use a free tool, namely hashtagify. 

It shows the trending, popular, month, and week trend analysis regarding the prospective hashtag.   

So, test it to analyse if it’s going to benefit your post. 

4.Share with Your Subscribers 

Email sharing has been a typical way to share & outreach out. However, blog posts are submitted externally for backlinks. You may experiment with post sharing in an innovative way. 

Try to create an interest or curiosity to discover what’s in. 

You can do this by creating an interesting poster for your blog post. Share it on the social network with a small brief and a crispy title. Let users leap from there to the landing post via a short URL. Tiny URL or Bitly can help in it. You just input your blog title in any of these tools, get it shortened. And, it’s done.

You can use that title with a CTA like “Click here to discover”. 

The catch is that your reach would be expanded and hundreds or even thousands of followers can be there on your post in a few days. 

5.Highlight Customers Review

Sharing customer reviews can prove incredibly effective for you. 


Consumers often share their likes, dislikes, and trust in products/services. You may use that feedback to make purchasing decisions. 

So, just post a review and win hundreds of customers. 

Try to add descriptive reviews to let customers find what they are interested in. This way, you can give your potential customers a platform to find what can fuel their decision-making. Here, adding a product tag can make it way easier. The prospect would quickly translate into a sale. 

This trick attracts the best results on social platforms like Instagram. You may use @…..(product tag) and share the review. It would attract more and more reviews and the sale would be quicker than ever. 

All of these ways should certainly be associated with your brand or company. Enhancing engagement would certainly end up maximizing revenue. Once people start recognizing you as a trustworthy and popular company, like-minded people, groups, and communities would certainly be eager to incorporate with you. 

It would be your kick-start to the journey of limitless revenue and quick branding. 


Brand awareness and ROI are interconnected. An effective social media strategy can make these goals achievable in a short period of time. You just think of some innovative ways like regular posting on social media channels with appropriate and tested tags and URLs. Likewise, there are some more interesting ways that only execution can tell how good they are.