How to demotivate the drop-out-rate in colleges; 8 effective measures

How to demotivate the drop-out-rate in colleges

The rate of the student dropout has always been a significant concerns in throughout the European countries. Be it the high school or the college level, the rate of dropout is huge and is varying among student to student due to different factors. 

A report was conducted in the past that reflected, every 26 seconds in USA, a child drops out of the high schools. This mean 1.2 million secondary students leave the high school each year without the degrees. This is horrific yet very strange in terms of graduation rates. 

The high dropout rate affect the future of the individual child, his family, community, and overall the society and country is impacted negatively due to a massive dropout rate at college and high school level. 


As I stated above the statistics of dropout that are rising each year, it is pretty clear that due to the dropout rate, a lot of students are unable to earn handsome amount of salary . 

Obviously, when the high school and college students would be leaving the schools without the diplomas and degrees, how would they be able to earn substantial salaries? 

Every year, millions of learners do not finish their study program and end up being a student who is a college drop-out. 

This makes approximately seven thousand students every day to dropout from their academic year. Low-paying jobs, a path towards poor life, poorer health, unstable mental health, and a continuation of poverty cycle would be impacting the person individually. Also, the families, communities, and in particular, the whole state would face challenges. 

The dropout rates in colleges are getting higher each day and this is increasing the challenges for the heads of the states. These dropouts are also becoming stressful pressure for life. 


The reasons of being a dropout from the college or the high-school may vary from student to student. But the consequences that are faced after the decision are remarkably similar. There are several reasons of the dropouts and some of them includes; academic issues, family obligations, abuse and bullying, financial difficulties, and mental health issues. 

The expert researcher from AssignmentMakers.Ae believes that the academic issues of an individual student can lead him to take extreme decision. Once the student is facing some problems in learning and is not able to communicate and then embraces the failure, he would definitely get demotivated. 

Overall, the challenges that contribute to the dropping out are often systemic. Also, this will take a coalition of teachers, school owners, political leaders, government, community members, parents, and the educational management systems as well. 

The mental health of the student also matters a lot in the studying period. If one is facing some serious issues in his personal life, he definitely would not be able to cope up with the studies and would indirectly end up being a dropout of the study program. 


Reducing the rate of the school dropout may not be easy but this definitely not mean that there are no small steps that could be taken to eradicate the dropout rates. 

I have compiled 8 effective measures together that would help to demotivate the dropout rates in colleges and high-schools. Let’s dive into the study. 

Communication and career realities:

This is very important to stay clear with the opinion and be open with the communication. Parents and teachers are highly advised to keep the conversation open with the students. Make them realize the career realities politely and make sure that the students understand you! 

Do not over pressurize and stay in touch with school: 

The professionals of Essay Writing Dubai stressed upon the idea of giving the student a little break or even a gap year if necessary. There is no need to over pressurize the students just in the name of good grades and ranks. Parents are also recommended to stay in touch with the school if the student is facing any issues in studies. 

Stay supportive and involved:

Here, parents and teachers along with the community, everyone must stay supportive and involved within the activities of the students. If a student has embraced the failure, then it is absolutely okay. Make sure to encourage him to learn and grow. This would boost his confidence and he will focus on learning. 

Support the mental health and let the students learn:

The teachers must also check for the mental health of the students. Learning is not a race. Make sure that you are not being dominant towards the students and helping them learn at their own pace and comfort. Also, parents and teachers must help the student in learning rather than over burdening him. 

Students must ask for help and set the study goals:

For the students who are in colleges and high-schools, this is the high time to look for your mental health. If you are facing stress or if you think, you need help then go for it without being ashamed. Also, you must set the study goals to plan your career effectively! 

Lower the costs of study programs:

The school owners must look for the options in which they can help the financially weak students. A lot of the students leave the study programs as it is costly and they cannot bear the expenses. Have a look at the fees of the course and make sure to help the needy students so they can complete the program. 

Student-centered learning:

The student-centered learning programs are highly recommended. The outing in which the students can learn some creativity and new skills must be arranged at all the levels. This will help to bring the talented students into the light indirectly boosting confidence and reducing demotivation. 

Pay attention to the red alerts:

If any of the child is showing some signs that he is having difficulty in learning or if he is facing some issues in college, he must be listened at once. Teachers and parents must not miss any red alert given by the child and should help him immediately. 


The above listed ways are effective enough to reduce the dropout rate at college and high-school. Make sure to incorporate these effective measures smartly to demotivate the dropout rate at college. This will help the students in becoming a quick learner and confident child as well because every student deserves a good future! 

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