A visit to the dentist is not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, most people are afraid of dentists. That’s one of the main reasons why they often don’t seek medical treatment. Although it’s impossible to persuade people who are scared of dentists to visit your dental clinic, you can do what’s in your power to make them feel comfortable once they step into your waiting room.

Sometimes a relaxing atmosphere is all your patients need to overcome fear and anxiety. You can consider these ideas if you’re thinking about creating a more welcoming environment in your dental clinic.

A messy dentist’s office is not a product of confidence and good skills. If your patients have to watch your staff cleaning after other clients while they’re in the office, they will think you’re unprofessional. Keep your office neat and tidy, and clean the work area as soon as your patients leave the premises.

If needed, add a 15-minute buffer time between appointments. That way, you will have enough time to prepare your office for the next patient.

focus on oral health

The waiting room in your dental clinic should be comfortable. The design and furniture arrangement should be able to distract your patients while they’re busy thinking about their appointment and anticipating pain.

Uncomfortable chairs or sofas will make the waiting time harder for patients who have to cope with dentophobia. Opt for a large, comfortable sofa and make sure to include armchairs for patients who prefer to sit alone. It’s worth noting that you should select furniture that’s easy to clean and less likely to show signs of wear and tear.

Your patients don’t want to see the pictures of oral melanoma or bleeding gums on your walls. Although it’s important to educate your patients and explain why they should focus on oral health, try to create a pleasant atmosphere in your office and the waiting room by handing beautiful paintings and pictures on the walls.

A splash of colour will break the monotony and distract your patients while they’re waiting for their appointment. Keep in mind that plants can also improve the aesthetic value of your waiting room and make your patients feel at ease.

If you’re trying to make your dental clinic more comfortable and welcoming, the next thing you should do is choose the right decorative elements and accessories. For example, keep a few magazines on the table in your waiting room because that’s a great way to make the dentist visit more enjoyable.

If you want to make a statement, install a new shelf and fill it with books. Most children are scared of going to the dentist, but you can help them escape their fears by investing in colouring books or a few toys.

If you’re thinking about renovation, you’ll have to start from scratch and create a new layout or invest in new furniture. Find a fit-out company that will help you choose the best dental clinic designs and build the office space of your dreams.

If you’re preparing yourself for the upcoming renovation project, make sure to protect your equipment and reschedule all the appointments. Before you hire someone to transform your dental clinic, make sure to talk to your patients and ask them what they would want to change in your office. Their answers will help you choose the best dental clinic design.

No matter how hard you try to create a welcoming dental office, if your patients feel like their needs are not met, they will feel uncomfortable or even more scared. One of the best things you can do to ensure your patients’ needs are met is to train your staff and improve your customer service.

Talk to your patients and always ask for feedback. More importantly, don’t get offended if your patients suggest a new approach. Take every word into consideration and always check up on your patients. Your main goal should be to keep them happy and their gums healthy, which is why it’s important to develop effective communication.

There will always be someone scared of the dentist, which is why it’s often difficult to create a welcoming space and help them overcome their fear. However, if you decide to try a different approach and show your patients that you care about their health, they will most likely return to your dental clinic and feel calmer with every next visit.

Make sure to repaint the white walls in your office because this colour often makes the patients uncomfortable. You can also find more accessories for the waiting room, and do your best to keep the premises shiny and clean. Take your time to find the best design for your dental clinic, and your patients will be more comfortable before and after their appointments.


As you established your clinic, you probably tried to anticipate every element that could make the patient experience less frightening, more appealing, and more representative of your standard of treatment. Because of the global pandemic of COVID-19, all clinics have had to change their approaches to care.

Small things like staff members warmly greeting every patient, tea availability while patients waiting, allowing patients to remove their shoes, and sending hand-written letters following first and annual consultations helped many clinics create a high-touch, friendly environment.

As practitioners, you’ve probably sought to personalise your patients’ care by creating tailored therapies and celebrating your accomplishments with them.

Regardless of the COVID, the mission remains the same: to give patients with the finest possible treatments and to make them feel cared for throughout their journey.

Sometimes all your patients want is a soothing environment to help them overcome their fears and anxieties. If you’re looking for ways to make your dental office more pleasant, take a look at these suggestions.

Declutter your office

Maintain a neat and tidy office, and clean the work area as soon as your patients depart.

Invest in comfortable furniture

Choose a large, comfy sofa and provide armchairs for those patients who want to sit alone.

Decorate the walls with art

While your patients are waiting for their appointment, a dash of colour along with some plants will break up the monotony and keep them entertained.

Choose the right accessories

Select the appropriate ornamental components and accessories like magazines or colouring books for kids.

Choose the best design

Create a new plan from the ground up or invest in new furniture.

Work with your staff

Train your personnel and improve your customer service to ensure that your patients’ needs are met.

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