How to create the most seductive eyes in different ways?

seductive eyes

Makeup and decoration of our facial features, especially our eyes, has been a big part of our human history. It is well known among the archaeologists that the Egyptians used to decorate their eyes. They used to put make up on them. It was considered a ritual in ancient Egypt but many did that also to look good. Two types of makeup were popular among the Egyptians at that time, they were called Udju and Mesdemet. Udju was obtained from a certain copper ore, which was known as malachite while Mesdemet. It came from another known ore, lead. Cleopatra or Ramesses are well known Egyptian rulers who used makeup to decorate their eyes. The rulers used a little different sort of make up than others to distinguish themselves.

Fast forward to 2019, we are still decorating our eyes through makeup, contact lenses such as blind white contact lenses. These coloured contact lenses and makeup have become the real means for eye decoration in this century.


With the right eye shadow, liners and mascara, any woman can really boost the attractiveness of her eyes. There are different colours and shades available for different eye colours. One can also choose shades and colours to complement your skin and hair colour too. Brown eyes have worked particularly well with blue mascara, green eyes with purple mascara while blue eyes with some brown mascara on the lashes.

Also, men have started to use makeup on their eyes for cosplay and Halloween parties, it has given them a different  dimension to try various costumes and really rock a party

Smoky eyes have become one of the more popular eye decorations these days, you can achieve this look by using a dark colours such as black or dark blue and combining out from it into several lighter shades.You can avail eye shadow in different forms such as powder, pencil, liquid and cream, just applying it correctly and in the right quantities is the secret to achieving seductive eyes..


Not so long ago glasses were used more for vision correction and their use was widely regarded as a handicap. But now glasses have become a status symbol and so many celebrities use different type of stylish glasses and sunglasses to enhance their look and look attractive. We all know glasses form a frame in front of the eyes, in order to create a seductive look people use different styles of frames and different shades of glasses to look seductive. It is basically not doing something to make your eyes rather you are wearing a decorating piece which makes you look sexy overall.

The one advantage of having glasses is that you do not need to waste too much time on applying makeup or applying contacts in your eyes, you just have to put them on and you are good to go. You can easily match them with your costumes, the weather and your mood.


Contact lenses first came only for vision correction but now they are widely sold and available not just for vision correction but also to change and enhance your eye colours to look beautiful and attractive. There are different types of lenses available to provide a different outlook, three main types are:

  • Visibility tint
    These lenses are lightly tinted so they can be easily visible, but they provide no effect on eye colour.
  • Enhancement tint —
    These tints are transluscent and they enhance the colour of your eyes. It helps to make them look more beautiful, they are best for people with light coloured eyes.
  • Colour tint —
    These are dark opaque lenses which change the colour of the eyes completely as they cover the eyes completely. You can buy them in different colours such as green-blue, purple-red and more.

Many celebrities such as Taylor swift have successfully used coloured contacts more than once to create an attractive look. Tv shows like Teen Wolf have inspired teenagers and youngsters to use coloured contact lenses to alter their eye colour. The use of Blind white contact lenses has seen people create a lot of different TV characters.

Some important advice

However, one must know that any type of contact lens, whether prescription or not is a medical device and requires regular cleaning and hygienic storage to keep your eyes healthy and safe from any infections and diseases. Have fun but also remember to stay safe.

Seductive eyes will remain popular as long as women continue to aspire for that sexy ‘come hither’ look, and the means of achieving seductive eyes will continue to change and evolve, along with the whims of fashion and the rapid pace of technology.

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