How to Create More Interesting Proposals for Clients

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A well-written proposal is very effective when it comes to speaking to your client’s needs. As a business owner, a proposal is basically your way of marketing your services to your prospective customers.

When a client asks you for a proposal after you’ve held a meeting, they’re looking for something that spells out the services you’ll provide for them and how much it will cost. For this reason, it’s very important to ensure that your proposal is as engaging as it can possibly be.

Here is a breakdown of how to create more interesting proposals for clients:

Understand your business

Before getting started on your proposal, it is very important that you understand all your business’s services, their costs, and any other additional fees that might be attached to them.

Without knowing such information, you won’t be able to write an accurate proposal or even convince the client about how you’re going to satisfy their needs. When you understand your business and the value of the services it will be providing, you’re able to price everything correctly.

There are so many businesses out there competing for clients, and to remain at the top, you need to offer your clients something unique. However, this doesn’t exactly mean that you should shoot down your prices to impress the client.

You don’t need cheap clients who are only there to work with you once. You need clients who will show appreciation for your services by paying you what you’re worth. It is even better when you price your services a bit higher than what you’re planning on spending.

Identify and understand the client’s needs

A well-written and interesting proposal should indicate your understanding of the client’s needs and how you plan to cater to them. For this reason, before writing a proposal, ensure that you research everything about the client’s business and the challenges they might be facing in that particular industry.

You should indicate the broad-industry challenges as well as the challenges your client is specifically facing. By stating this information on your proposal, it makes the client feel understood and that they have someone they can count on to deliver services suitable to their needs.

If you’re not quite sure about the client’s needs, it’s best to ask them about the reason they need your services. At times you’ll find out that the client’s reasons are quite different from what you had in mind.

By doing so, you’ll be differentiating yourself from your competitors who just get started on a project without conducting any research. If you feel like words don’t quite capture your ideas and how you’re going to cater to your client’s needs, you can always rely on motion graphics. This will help tell your story about how you’ll work on the project a bit better than words will.

In this regard, you need to rely on the expertise of the best motion graphics company you can find. Look for a company that can utilize 2D animation, 3D animation, and video production in order to present your story in a way that will interest any client.

Develop your proposals over time

Once you start submitting your proposals to different clients, you’re likely to notice a trend. Some of your clients could ask for clarification about the milestones you’ve achieved so far or comments about the payment terms.

For this reason, you need to take these comments seriously in order to create a template for your proposals based on the different clients. With time, ensure that you customize your proposals as per the client’s comments and preferences.

This means that you’ll also need to update your templates accordingly for future use. This will help lessen your work as time goes by since you’d have understood your clients’ expectations. You’ll also minimize any occurrences of your clients turning down your proposals.

Summing up

The process of writing an interesting and captivating proposal can prove to be a bit complex. However, by conducting comprehensive research on all the important aspects of the project, you’ll be able to come up with an interesting proposal that will grab your client’s attention.

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