How to Create a Fun Experience at a Business Event

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As a corporate event planner, when your company decides to host an event or a conference, it is your responsibility to make all the arrangements. In addition to accommodations for guest speakers, you decide on a suitable venue for the event type. You also manage the budget for the event, coordinate transportation, and meals, and organize audiovisual equipment in advance. Although your list of duties seems extensive, you are often also responsible for the entertainment at the event.

Continue reading to learn what constitutes a memorable business event and discover how to create fun at your business events.

Although corporate events can often be tedious, employees enjoy traveling at their company’s expense. The goal is to return to the office with new information and techniques to separate them from the competition. Some characteristics of a memorable event include inspiration, camaraderie among coworkers, dynamic speakers, innovation, and a renewed sense of commitment to your job.

One way to make a business event memorable is to make it inclusive to all attendees. For participants, activities are a fun way to be included in the event and can also be great for team building and for helping pinpoint leaders in the group. Some events that will take your conference or business meeting to another level are:

1. Scavenger Hunt

As guests register and check-in for the event, giving them instructions for a scavenger hunt will build anticipation for the conference time. The scavenger hunt items should be things that your participants can locate in the conference room, banquet hall, or from another guest. If your event is over several days, be sure to have a set time that the winner has to turn their items in before the closing program. That way, you can crown a winner before your conference ends.

2. Breakout Yoga Sessions

Most corporate events over a day or two give participants time when they can eat or do whatever they want. This is a great time to have a yoga instructor come in and use one of the rooms for yoga sessions. If your event has a significant number of guests and your breakout room only accommodates a specific number, you can have guests register for the breakout sessions. Keep participants informed of classes like this in advance of the event so that those interested can pack accordingly.

3. Photo Booth

Making photos entertainment continues to be a fun way to ensure that guests have a great time. Taking pictures and having photos is an excellent way to keep attendee’s smiling and ready for the nostalgia that images offer.

One of the hottest trends in a photo booth is the 360 photo booth. Unlike a traditional photo booth, the 360 photo booth is a platform users step up on. It has a video camera that captures 120 frames a second. The camera revolves around whoever is on the platform to create a 360 photo. Established corporations should consider looking for a 360 photo booth for sale since they come installed with speakers, a touchscreen, and ready-to-use software. This is an investment that employees will appreciate at every event.

4. Creating a Social Media Handle

Since just about everyone has a smartphone and access to social media platforms, creating a hashtag for your event is a fun way to share pictures. You can share the hashtag with participants before the event so that they can begin sharing photographs on different social media platforms from beginning to end of the event.

5. Coloring Wall

Employees all want to have an “I was here” moment, even at corporate events. Therefore a coloring wall is a fun way to include everyone in making art. You’ll need a large canvas and multiple packs of crayons and markers. Encourage participants to leave a message on the coloring wall, a symbol, or even encouraging words.


As you have read, the list of duties for an event planner for a corporate event is extensive. In addition to setting up the event, they must make sure that it is memorable to lol participants. One way to do that is through different activities. Five great activities to make a company event not only enjoyable but also memorable are listed above. Even if you aren’t the event planner, try including some of these at your next company event, and your participants will leave raving.