How to Create a Fire Evacuation Plan

fire evacuation plan

No one can see a disaster coming. Natural or any other kind of accident can take place at any time. There is no warning or alert before. It is crucial to prepare yourself in advance to be safe. By taking proper steps and precautions, you can stop a lot of deaths and injuries from occurring.

In the past few years, fire incidents have been common in houses and office buildings. You should always keep firefighting equipment at your office. Apart from it, the employees should be given the training to fight and protect themselves in case a fire breaks out.

Follow these instructions to make a fire evacuation plan.

Observe and examine your building

First of all, you should make a thorough examination of your building. Check the places which are prone to getting a fire. Wherever there is heavy electrical equipment or control room, these places need extra protection. You need to protect these rooms.

Hire proper security to keep these places secure and make sure there is no outside interference here. If there are chemicals and other substances, store them safely and soundly. They can lead to a fire if there are not appropriately handled. Taking proper precautions can stop disasters from happening.

Give proper training to employees

Human life is vital. Every person who works at your office should be given appropriate training on how to deal with an emergency. First and foremost, everyone should know how to use firefighting equipment. It’s essential. Otherwise, they may not take the right steps, which can lead to extreme consequences.

They should know about all the emergency routes and security ladders etc. They must be familiar with where the equipment is present. Fire evacuation plan Victoria will help you train your employees and make an effective fire evacuation plan for you.

Tell employees about their responsibility and roles

You should command all the employees about their roles. It will be easier to deal with a fire if everyone knows what they should do. There should be people managing different things. A fire warden should be responsible for making everyone evacuate at the right time. He should check every place so that no one is left behind.

A guide should be there to show everyone the way out. He should make sure the path is clear and safe. Some people should use fire extinguishers and other equipment to try and control the fire before it spreads. Everyone should be familiar with their role and take proper responsibility. They can save a lot of lives if they act in the right manner.

Make more than one emergency routes

Whenever a fire breaks out, it is crucial to use the emergency exit as soon as possible. The fire may block a way. It may not be possible to use the main route. It can be a severe issue. It is advisable to create multiple paths for emergencies.

In this way, if one or the other exit is blocked, you can use the alternate exit route. The fire warden is responsible for guiding everyone to the safest path out of the building. The employees need to be fast if they want to save themselves. Three to four emergency routes should be there in every building.

Check the firefighting equipment in your building

Every building should have the necessary firefighting accessories. Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, emergency ladders, neon lights, exit signs, first aid kits, etc. are some of the equipment which surely should be present in every building. It is vital to regularly check these things and see they are in a good and working condition.

At times of emergency, this equipment will come handy and help a lot to fight the fire. Every employee should know about their location and should know how to use them properly. The contents of a first aid kit should not be old and must be ready to use.

Conduct regular fire drills

If you want to train your employees to fight a fire situation, it is vital to conduct mock drills. It will make sure that everyone knows their roles, and no one feels confused about what to do. They will know how to start the evacuation and won’t need to think long.

By taking parts in drills, employees will surely remember the emergency routes and location of necessary equipment. Moreover, everyone will become familiar with their roles and will know what to do in case of need. There should be a fire drill every two or three months.


As we all know, a fire can break out any time and take many lives along with it. It is vital to protect human life. If you have a proper plan in place, a lot of damage and lives can be safe. The above tips will help you to create a fire evacuation plan. Training and experience will benefit everyone. People will know how to take necessary action, and it is helpful for everyone.

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