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Living in an area where the weather is pleasant all year long usually means that you spend a lot of time in your backyard. However, to be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space with your family, you need to create a cozy and welcoming environment. If you’re not sure where to start, keep on reading for some useful advice.

Decide what you will use the yard for

Before you start investing money in this project, you need to decide what you will use your backyard for. For example, do you plan on hosting BBQ parties for your many guests? Do you simply want a place where you and your family can relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world? Once you know what the purpose of the space will be, you can start equipping it.If you have a spacious yard, you can begin by dividing it up into different zones. For instance, one part can be for your kids to play in, another can be for outdoor dining, and one can be for lounging. Find a way to separate these areas, such as with shrubs or paths.

Get comfortable furniture

If you decide to add a lounge or dining area, you should equip it with comfy furniture. Luckily, this can be done regardless of the budget you are working with. While you can buy brand new pieces for this purpose, you can also do some reupholstering and repurpose some items that you have lying around the house. If you have some outdoor furniture pieces, you can find an online tutorial on how to give them a fresh coat of paint and breathe new life into them. Consider bright colors like yellow and pink to create a lively atmosphere. Cozy it up with throw pillows and blankets.

Add some shade

To make sure you are comfortable, you should also add some shade to your backyard.Whether you choose a permanent structure or a retractable one, having some sort of roof over your head will help keep you safe from occasional rain as well as the harmful sun rays that are especially dangerous in places like Australia. Luckily, you can easily find high-quality shade sails and stylish pergolas in Sydney and other cities. What is more, adding a covered structure to your yard also means that your outdoor furniture and other belongings will be protected as well.

Install a pool

In case you have a yard that is big enough and you are not constricted by money, something you can add to your outdoor space is a pool.Designs nowadays come in numerous shapes and sizes and experts can turn any pool dream into reality. So, no matter if you want an infinity pool, a lap pool, a plunge pool, a natural pool, or a lazy river, you can surely find a pool designer that can install this great addition in your backyard. To make the space around the pool more enjoyable, you can add sand, a few chaise lounges, a parasol, and perhaps an outdoor bar.

Introduce a stunning feature

Perhaps a pool is not the right choice for you but you still want a water feature. In that case, consider adding a small pond or a waterfall of some kind. Choices truly abound and you might even have a hard time deciding. On the other hand, you can add a fire feature as well. For example, a fire pit is a great centerpiece that will also provide you and your family with some warmth during chilly evenings.

Don’t overlook the lights

While you will have no trouble seeing everything during the day, keep in mind that you will also use this space in the evening, which is why properly illuminating the backyard is of the essence. For example, you can hang fairy, string lights that will create an inviting ambiance and set the right mood. Then, you can also go for some lanterns if they better match your style and overall décor. However, you should remember to also install some safety lights. Installing recessed, in-ground lights alongside pathways will help you prevent injuries when moving around once the sun goes down. If you have a few dark corners, you can also add motion-activated lights tothose areas to make you feel more secure.

Dedicate some time to the landscape

Finally, you cannot overlook the landscaping of your backyard. Besides the fresh air, you are also outside to enjoy the gorgeous view. So, start by getting rid of everything you don’t need that might be lying around as well as all dead plants. Then, trim what needs trimming, mow the lawn, reseed thin areas, and consider planting some pretty flowers that will not only boost the visual appeal of the space but also support the biodiversity of your area.

Regardless of the funds at your disposal, you can surely create a cozy outdoor area where you and your family can bond and enjoy your free time.

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