How To Crank Up The Curb Appeal Of Your Home: Sidings Guide

Sidings Guide

Home exterior is a combination of various features such as roof, hardscaping, landscaping, window, doors, and sidings. Many homeowners find it difficult to handle the issues related to home sidings. This post will guide you through all the important questions related to home sidings. 

The primary purpose of home sidings is to protect the walls and interiors from weather conditions. It serves to insulate the home and make it energy efficient. This might be a bit surprising for you but damaged sidings contribute to the high utility bills. 

Other than these crucial functions, it defines the character of your house and let it stand out from the neighborhood. Professional exterior siding services can bring out the best of your abode.

Common Sidings Materials

You can only choose the right material when you are familiar with all the possible options. Following is a list of 6 common siding materials.

1. Wood

It is one of the most expensive siding materials. It is loved for its luxurious warmth and natural color tones. Wood sidings need frequent replacement as it is damaged easily. Moisture can cause it to warp and buckle. Moreover, wood sidings are prone to fire and pests.

2. Vinyl

It is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is designed to resemble wood sidings. It is appealing to look as it resembles wood and is much more durable as it is synthetic. It is highly wind-resistant and can withstand winds up to 110 km. It is known for its low maintenance and durability.  

3. Metal

Steel and aluminum are the two most common metals used to make house sidings. Steel is expensive and absorbs heat so it is mostly used in colder regions. 

Aluminum is a choice for nearly any geographical region. It is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to install. It provides resistance to bugs, sprays, and mold. Aluminum is disliked for its ability to dent and produce noise during rains and thunderstorms.

4. Stucco

Stucco is a decorative material made up of binder aggregates and water. it is a popular choice among homeowners. It provides an elegant look and stays for nearly 50 years. Pest infestation is a possibility with stucco sidings.

5. Stone

Stone is the oldest siding material and the most resilient. It provides a sustainable and hard to beat look. The beauty of the natural stone is unparallel but it is too expensive to install. It takes highly trained professionals and a lot of days to complete. It is fire and pest resistant.  

6. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is the latest sidings material in the market. it is believed that it can stay intact for more than a hundred years with least maintenance. Fiber cement is a composite material made up of cement which is reinforced by cellulose fibers. 

It is rendered as the “perfect” siding material as it is fire, pest, moisture, and mold resistant.  Hire professionals for fascia siding services in Salt Lake City UT and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Choosing The Right Colors For Home Style

It is exciting to remodel home exteriors as you can have fun with colors. the choice of color speaks a lot about your aesthetic sense. Some of the home styles only look good with a few colors whereas others can be painted with different colors.

A cape cod style home looks amazing with accent colors. If you have a contemporary style home, stick to one or two colors which go well with each other. Mixing up a lot of colors is not recommended. Cottages must be painted with bright bold colors.

For simple homes, choose complementary shades such as taupe and red trims. Moreover, you don’t have to look at the same color for many decades. A coat of fresh paint makes your home almost new.

Maintenance Tips For Common Siding Material

All of the siding’s materials need regular cleaning to wash off the mold and mildew. Such rotting significantly affects the longevity of home exteriors. For vinyl, aluminum and stucco sidings, cleaning is quite easy. you just need a bucket of warm water and detergent. Add trisodium phosphate which is easily available at grocery stores.

When To Replace It  

When you see visible signs of aging and rotting, it is high time to replace your sidings. Sidings replacement is an expensive project. Get free estimates and hire the best among the quality exterior siding companies in Salt Lake City UT for beautiful home exteriors.  


Homeowners go to every length to make their homes appealing and safe. Home exteriors play an important role in the aesthetic appeal of a home. You need to make the right decisions at every step. Other than the curb appeal, intact sidings protect the house walls and make a home energy efficient. Exterior siding services provide insulation against heat loss. Common siding materials include wood, stucco, stone, metal, and vinyl. Stone and wood are the most expensive options. Wood requires a great deal of maintenance whereas stone is resilient. Metals such as aluminum and steel are easy to install and inexpensive. Drawbacks of metal include corrosion, sound production and denting.

Fiber cement is relatively modern and almost “perfect” siding material. It is made up of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers and is fire, pest, mold and moisture resistant. Choosing the right color for home siding is an important decision. It depends on the home style and your neighborhood. Cottages should be painted with bold colors whereas accents do not suit the contemporary style homes. All of the siding materials should be regularly cleaned or power-washed.

Accumulated dust and dirt tarnish the look of siding and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Rot affects the longevity of home sidings. Warm soapy water with added trisodium phosphate is the best cleaning agent for vinyl and fiber cement sidings. Look for visible signs of damage to consider siding replacement. Quality exterior siding companies in Salt Lake City UT provide expert advice and reliable services.  

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