How to Crack IELTS in 2023?

How to Crack IELTS

To STUDY ABROAD, candidates need entrenched dedication to meet certain eligibility requirements, qualifying for some of the mainstream examinations like crack ielts Exam, TOEFL, etc. In able to grab a secured position in a deemed university on international width.

Studying abroad primarily gains the attention of Indian students. As, because international universities have superior educational learning, competent teachers, and international exposition which eliminates the enduring of compromising on qualitative education.  

In the presence of International opportunities, students get a supporting hand in abstaining from the loss of their most precious years to accomplish their education. Certainly, the high-level competition restrains them from missing out on some deemed universities in India.

So, for filling that gaping internationally acclaimed universities offer ample ways to proceed with their needs.


FULL FORM: International English Language TestMODE OF EXAMINATION: Computer Based Assessment
IELTS FEES: 15,500 fees for registrationSCORE RANGE: Score 1( lowest)                             Score 9 (highest)
IELTS EXAM POPULAR FOR: Study, Work & emigrate to English-speaking countries.CONDUCTED BY: IDP Education Pvt.

IELTS EXAM comprises two modules naming them are

  1.  Academic Module: it is specially designed for students and for academic reasons or situations. Mostly, students apply to initiate their enrollment in international universities.
  • General Training Module:  this module is designed especially for those who aspire for working or settling in abroad.   

IELTS EXAM PATTERN:  The proliferation of candidates for attempting the international eligibility examination, which incurred the difficult level of examination and because of which certain markups need to be understood to make the examination a step forward to your international dream of education instead of acting as a barricade to your educational journey.

So, here are certain notes on IELTS EXAM PATTERN for the students, professionals, and whoever aspires to take up this examination.

                                                    EXAM PATTERN
LISTENING: 40 questions ( approx 30 minutes+ 10 minutes of transfer time)READING: 40 questions  ( 60 minutes)
WRITING: 2 tasks ( 60 minutes within the written exam)SPEAKING: 11-14 minutes (interview-based examination)

IELTS Exam Eligibility Criteria:

IELTS exam which is the English language based examination which withholds the compulsion for itself to qualify to grant a seat in any international universities for fruitful education, because it tests the language competency amongst the candidates who dutifully aspire to get through a qualitative education on nominal fee structure, and IELTS is a gateway towards that dream.

The main requirements to get through IELTS would be:

  • Above the age of 16 years are free to get an independent orientation, gender, or orientation.
  • Under the age of 16 candidates who undertake the IELTS examination are bounded to be supervised or are attributed to be under their parent’s guidance.
  • Under special circumstances when schools need IELTS scores are considered to undergo this examination.
  • There is certainly no upper age limit for the candidates undergoing this examination.


To undergo flawless IELTS PREPARATION and understanding methodology will be a great support to conquer the examination on the first attempt.

  • Undergo the continuous processing of practicing by attempting the mock examination/ practice test.
  • Before studying for the examination, study the exam.
  • Laid down the focus on the timeline of the IELTS examination.
  • Keep track of the IELTS checks and official practice tests. l
  • Comprehend the band score of IELTS.
  • Start off the preparation and set new goals to raise the markings.


For acquiring excellence in the crack ielts exam reading section is a mandate to qualify, just like any other parts or sections of the examination

Reading part of the examination comprises a timeline of 60 minutes.    

Students or test takers make sure to be in sync with reading habits to grow their reading capacity, language fluency, and knowledge from that piece of information because candidates appreciated to have well-versed knowledge around the world. To be able to attain an ample amount of fluency in the crack ielts General Reading Practice Test candidates can seek some material handy for their flawless preparation in achieving the highest score.  

So, many books to meet the preparation for IELTS Reading Practice candidates can seek there in the market. Likely, some of them are:

  • IELTS Academic 2023 by Career Launcher
  • IELTS Academic by Cambridge English
  • And, many best of the novels are suggested for leading a fruitful preparation, and some interviews are appreciated for this preparation.

We are ecstatic that your inquiry coincided with our advice . Hope, you found the content meaningful to your needs.